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"Catholic Faith"

7 Things Saint Patrick Might Have Done on Saint Patrick’s Day

While we often hear a lot about the popular culture that surrounds St. Patrick’s Day, many of us are quite…

Catholic Faith

Tell me, Christian, how can my goodness be possible if I have no God?

Just recently, I found myself in an unexpected conversation with an atheist. It wasn’t our difference in faith, per se,…


If God exists, why is there suffering? A look at the question from a Catholic perspective

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his video gives a fairly clear answer to an age-old question: if God exists and he is all good and…

When God Knocks on the Door of Her Heart... "I just couldn't ignore it"
Catholic Faith

When God Knocks on the Door of Her Heart… “I just couldn’t ignore it”

Through the productions of, Shaina Stein speaks about her experience in giving her life to God, and trusting him with…