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Saint Pope Paul VI and Saint Oscar Romero
Catholic Faith

Just Announced: Blessed Pope Paul VI and Blessed Oscar Romero To Be Saints!

Blessed Pope Paul VI and Blessed Oscar Romero will be canonized. Many expect this will take place in October at…


The Pope Francis Minute: Mother Teresa, the Saint of Darkness

Today it is official: Mother Teresa has been declared a saint! In all aspects of her life, Pope Francis said…

rhoda wise cause for canonization mother angelica

Rhoda Wise: The Woman Who Helped Mother Angelica Find Her Vocation

Most Catholics are very familiar with the beloved Mother Angelica who recently passed away, but few know the story behind…

History of the Church

What Does It Take to be Officially Declared a Catholic Saint?

Today’s video offers a quick and clear explanation of the Church’s official process which leads up to the moment of…