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Georgia Tech kicker
Faith & Life

The Georgia Tech Player Who is Leaving Football to Become a Priest

Last week Catholic-Link published an article about Esmeralda Solís Gonzáles, a young woman who left behind her life as a beauty…

priesthood sunday

Priesthood Sunday: A day to promote vocations and honor those who have responded to the call

In the United States, this Sunday, October 29th, we celebrate Priesthood Sunday. Hopefully, your parish has something planned that will raise…


5 Weak Virtues that Make People Great

Just recently, David Brooks, famous columnist for the New York Times, a Yale University Professor, and a Jew, set out…

i will follow
Consecrated Life

Perhaps One of the Most Beautiful Videos on Vocations Ever Made

Saint Augustine, upon arriving at one of the most intense moments of his phenomenal work, The Confessions, once wrote these words…

St. Pope John Paul II

How To Hear The Voice Of Christ

In the hidden recesses of the human heart, the grace of a vocation takes the form of a dialogue. It…

Pope Francis

Poverty Is Above All A Call To Follow Jesus

Let us never forget that, for Christ’s disciples, poverty is above all a call to follow Jesus in his own poverty. …

St. Joan of Arc

“I am not afraid…”

“I am not afraid… I was born to do this.”