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(Gospel Reflection) Toxic Disbelief; Avoiding the Snares of Others’ Personal Hell

In this Lenten series, Father Ian VanHeusen presents his weekly spiritual exercise based on the Sunday Readings to help us…

Ben Stein Atheist Richard Dawkins

Ben Stein Debates with Atheist Richard Dawkins: Freedom from God Means Freedom for Man?

We owe a certain debt to Dawkins which I suspect has until now gone unrecognized. Dawkins, one of the world’s…

God doesn't exist

How Will This Man Respond When His Dentist Tells Him God Doesn’t Exist?

This short video comes from Vision Fudge, an organization which makes films in order to help people explore life’s big questions….

catholic faith coffee
Catholic Faith

Do You Have More Faith in a Cup of Coffee Than in God?

This illustrative video about the many “acts of faith” we make every day was created by getoutthebox.org. The video asks…

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