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Faith & Life

5 Inspiring Stories of Athletes Who Overcame All Odds to Succeed

“There’s no such thing as can’t!”  This phrase will be familiar to many of us from our childhoods, probably met…

vocations prayer

Meet Two Former Olympians Now Leading Others to Religious Vocations

Throughout the Olympics, I have grown attached to some of the athletes competing for Gold. Many of them quickly went…

catholic olympians
Catholic Faith

UPDATED – 8 Catholic Olympians to Watch in Rio

Pope Francis offered these words to the Olympians competing in Rio, “In a world thirsting for peace, tolerance, and reconciliation,…

Catholic athlete
Faith & Life

5 Things Every Catholic Athlete Should Be Doing

With the Olympics beginning this month even the Pope is focusing on sports and athletes. One of the intentions that…

Catholic celebrities

Fame, Fortune, and…Faith? 11 Catholic Celebrities

Is it possible to be a Catholic and a famous actor, musician, or athlete? Living out the teachings and values…

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