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Pope Francis responds to a young boy who asks if his atheist father will got to heaven

Pope Francis’ Powerful Response To A Young Boy’s Question: “Is My Atheist Father In Heaven?”

There are really no words to add to this incredibly moving video of the Holy Father responding to the question…

3 Conversion Stories That Will Inspire You to Never Give Up On Your Atheist Friends

The Proclamation of Easter has one of the greatest expressions that help us understand our faith: “O happy fault.” To…


Tell me, Christian, how can my goodness be possible if I have no God?

Just recently, I found myself in an unexpected conversation with an atheist. It wasn’t our difference in faith, per se,…

St. Padre Pio

“I wish my voice could reach all sinners…”

“I wish my voice could reach all sinners: Come to Christ where all is love.”  

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