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Gospel reflection - 3 Marks of an Authentic Disciple

3 Marks Of An Authentic Disciple | Catholic Bible Study

3 Marks of an Authentic Disciple 3 Marks of an Authentic Disciple 1. Repent Every day, you must practice ongoing…

Man manly hero father Wright's Law

A Hero in the Unlikeliest of Habitats: One Man Saving the World Through Love

He’s just a simple guy… a schoolteacher. A humble, bespectacled man in a humble profession in a humble city somewhere…

catholics evangelize

Why Don’t Catholics Evangelize?

Every Catholic must realize that through their Baptism, they have been transformed. This transformation, however, has a meaning, a direction,…

Living Radically for Christ

What Would Happen If We Stopped Being Selfish and Began Living Radically for Christ?

This video, produced by getoutthebox.org, struck me as simple and impressively creative. It goes to the heart of the matter…

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