Sister Jean’s Wisdom Goes Far Beyond March Madness

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In addition to giving her life in service to God and the education of young people, Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt, BVM is a March Madness icon. In 1994 she became the chaplain for the Loyola University basketball team and has been a constant presence at the team’s practices, games, and events ever since. Sister Jean gained national attention during the 2018 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament when her beloved Loyola Ramblers advanced to the Final Four for the first time in 55 years. Her faith and devotion captivated the hearts of basketball fans everywhere and with her newfound fame Sr. Jean was able to share her Catholic faith with many.

Sister Jean’s Reaction To March Madness

At 103 years old, Sister Jean continues to inspire through her newly published book titled:  “Wake Up with Purpose!: What I’ve Learned in My First Hundred Years.” With the help of author Seth Davis, Sister Jean shares her life story and many spiritual lessons.

5 Sister Jean Quotes To Inspire You

Whatever was going to happen, I trusted that God had a plan for me. it was my duty as His servant to trust His judgment and carry it out.

– Sister Jean

“Being mad at God is not the same thing as not believing in Him. You can’t be mad at something that doesn’t exist, right? I believe God expects us to have a relationship with Him, and that relationship has many different dimensions. Like all relationships, it goes through ups and downs and it matures over time. God made us fully human. We’re all sinners. We’re all flawed. He tests our faith for a reason. Getting mad at God is a way of expressing – and keeping – our faith.

– Sister Jean

“I realize it’s not easy for people to maintain belief, especially after someone they love dies. For those who respond to those situations by turning away from the faith, I would suggest that maybe they should give God a second date. As painful as it is to lose someone we love, it’s our mission to trust that God has His reasons for calling them home.”

– Sister Jean

Friendship is enjoying the prsence of God. God is everywhere, and so are my friends.

– Sister Jean

Amen, and go Ramblers!

– Sister Jean

We encourage you to continue to learn more lessons from the life of Sister Jean in her book. Purchase it HERE.

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