Watch Random Acts Of Kindness These Hidden Cameras Capture

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This video is a compilation of scenes recorded in Russia by various car-installed cameras. In the last few years, the use of these dash-cams has dramatically increased there. As such, we have been able to see some really amazing videos: such as a plane that crashed on the highway or the recent meteorite shower in Russia. Why use these cameras? Basically, it is a way to protect themselves against any legal trouble they may have. But, above all, it is to defend against corruption, whether it be bribe requests from traffic cops or lawsuits from people who throw themselves in front of the car on purpose.

As I finished watching the video, there was a phrase echoing in my head: the human person is good. It might sound like a cliché, like some mechanically repeated phrase, but it shouldn’t be. And it doesn’t seem as though we are convinced of it. (For example, few imagined that these cameras would capture so many heroic acts as we have seen now.)

You see, the human person tends to do good, he longs for it, he seeks after it, it is attractive to him. It is interesting to watch the video and realize that each act is spontaneous. Think about it, what if you had been in their place? Would you not have done the same? You probably think so because there is something inside you that considers it to be natural. It’s in harmony with our heart, with the direction towards which our heart tugs us, towards that Greater Good, that Supreme Good who is God and who made us in His likeness and image.

Compilation Of Acts Of Kindness

Another apostolic angle consists of asking ourselves: What would the world be without you? What would change? While recently organizing a conference for Catholic students called Convivio, I hit the streets to interview people with this question. I was quite surprised with the response of the majority who said that their existence was not essential, nothing would change if they never existed, except perhaps in the case of their family, friends, and immediate environment. This video shows that’s not true. If we were to ask one of these people the same, how would they respond? What would that elderly woman who could not cross the street do, or that disabled person could not get up? Your existence is not a vacuum; you’re not just one of the mass and therefore, whatever good you do or do not do is not indifferent, irrelative. I would rather say that you are essential because no one else can be you. You are unique and unrepeatable and the way you bring about this good is unique, irreplaceable.

As the last point, I would emphasize the apostolic value of this video. I find it interesting to see who those who filmed these acts, kept filming, and then published or shared them. How many people actually felt edified by what he or she saw and wanted to share it with others. The good is beautiful, is attractive, is authentic. That’s why it is so appealing, and it is affine with us. For this reason, the call to be an apostle of Christ, to spend one’s life in serving others is the only truly human calling! To do apostolate is to communicate God with our whole being, with every gesture, with every work that we do, with every word. All are invited to experience love on a day-to-day basis, to do good as Christ did, to bear witness of love in those specific acts each day. In so far as we are saturated with this love, the greater change we can make in the world… “If you were who you should be, the earth would be ablaze with your love.” Don’t be afraid to be yourself, to be authentic, to seek, to find and to do the good that we all desire and contribute in building a beautiful project, a Civilization of Love.

Daniel Boniface (Translated by G. Johnson)

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