Seven Ways To Fight Pornography Addiction

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Another great video from a, Russell Brand, an actor/comedian with his own history of difficulties with pornography, lays out the many and unfortunate consequences of living in a world swamped by “icebergs of filth floating through every house on wi-fi”.

How much evidence, how many studies, how many repentant men and women will it take for us as a society to wake up and change? Telling someone (erroneously) that it isn’t a sin does nothing to save them.

Denying that pornography does actual harm does nothing to heal the wound… There’s something very morbid about a society that seems to delight in inebriating its youth, then considers itself to be outstandingly compassionate when it provides a bucket for their vomit.

Evidently, society doesn’t change without us changing our own selves first. So, how does one change? Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Seven Ways To Fight Pornography Addiction

1. Decide to change. Make the decision that starting today, the battle begins. It doesn’t matter if it takes you twenty years: today the adventure of purity commences.  And understand that it is an honorable, even heroic stand to take, saying YES to a higher calling, and saying NO MORE to the degradation of pornography.

2. Pray for a new heart. Just saying “no” is never enough. Beg God to teach you how to say “yes” to true beauty and authentic love.  The Rosary is a powerful spiritual weapon and the Blessed Mother desires nothing more than to help you overcome sin.  The saints are also waiting to intercede for you.

3. Enlist practical help. Covenant Eyes software is an investment that could literally save your life.  Don’t rely on willpower alone when you can actually set yourself up to succeed.  This software can protect your various electronic devices.

4. Find a friend. Pornography is like a parasite that latches on to your weakest flanks, especially the effective ones. There’s nothing it yearns to feed off of more than loneliness. Having a friend who’s aware of your struggle and who will hold you accountable in your fight is absolutely fundamental.

5. Reinforce your good instincts.  The world may be full of lustful messages, but you don’t have to look too hard to find scientific, spiritual, social, and theological reasons to help affirm your determination to quit.  Matt Fradd’s website is a great place to start.

6. Fill your mind and imagination with true beauty. Again, the purely negative approach of simply abstaining doesn’t last long. Your heart desires beauty, so it’s time to feed it. Start working to find authors, poets, artists, and movie directors that can help to change your imagination’s diet, giving it the healthy nutrients that it has always hungered for.

7. Persevere. Sometimes the guilt or frustration of falling is worse than the fall itself. For this reason, turning to your trusted friend and going to confession is extremely important. Remember, if the feeling dampens your hopes and insists that you aren’t good enough, it’s a feeling that certainly doesn’t come from God. True love, God’s love will never cease in inviting you to improve, but no matter how many times you fall, he will never abandon you.

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