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Quotes by "Clement of Rome"

Pope Clement I ( -died 99), also known as Saint Clement of Rome, is listed by Irenaeus and Tertullian as Bishop of Rome, holding office from 88 to his death in 99. He is considered to be the first Apostolic Father of the Church. His feast is celebrated 23 November. He has left one genuine writing, a letter to the Church of Corinth, and many others have been attributed to him.

Clement of Rome

Why Did Jesus Not Marry? He Had His Own Bride: The Church

Further, they do not know the reason why the Lord did not marry. In the first place he had his…

Clement of Rome

Proof of Apostolic Succession that Goes Back to 70 AD!

And thus preaching through countries and cities, they appointed the first fruits [of their labors], having first proved them by…

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