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Quotes by "Pier Giorgio Frassati (Blessed)"

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (April 6th 1901 – July 4th 1925) was an Italian Roman Catholic social activist and a member from the Third Order of Saint Dominic. Frassati was dedicated to social justice issues and joined several charitable organizations to better aid the poor and less fortunate living in his hometown of Turin; he put his own pious beliefs into practice to cater to their needs and was best known for his devotedness and his amiable character.

Frassati was an avid mountaineer who often climbed with his friends; he was an able swimmer and athlete best known for engaging in such social activities with a range of like-minded friends.

Known as the "Man of the Eight Beatitudes".

Feast: July 4th

Patronage: Students
Young Catholics
Youth groups
Catholic Action
Dominican tertiaries
World Youth Day

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