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Quotes by "John of Kronstadt"

John of Kronstadt (1829 - 1908) was a Russian Orthodox Christian presbyter and a member of the synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Wonder-Working Father John Sergiev was one of the great elders and saints who participated the spiritual revival started by St. Paisius Velichkovsky (1722-1794). Widely venerated as a saint even during his lifetime, and the only married parish priest in the Russian calendar of saints, Father John is known for his spiritual gifts of powerful prayer, healing, spiritual insight and great love for all people. He also reawakened the Russian Orthodox Church to the Apostolic tradition of receiving Holy Communion at every Divine Liturgy. For this reason he is most commonly portrayed holding a Communion chalice.

John of Kronstadt

“Not a Single Word is Lost During Prayer, If It Comes From the Heart”

Remember that not a single word is lost during prayer, if you say it from your heart; God hears each…

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