Preparing For Peace: A Catholic Lenten Journal For Women With Anxiety

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In the last few years, the Catholic scene has been exploding with new prayer journals. This trend is a good tracking point for the effectiveness of the New Evangelization.

The need for these journals shows that more people are yearning to spend time in prayer and to really work out their inner complexities in light of our faith. There are so many topics that have been covered, but there was still one missing. A journal focusing on anxiety and wrestling with it through our faith.

Our very own Chief Event Manager Alanna Burg has been facing her fears since she started on the Catholic-Link team. Her response to the call for Catholic writers was “That sounds terrifying! Yes.” Every time we asked her to step out in faith to serve Christ this was her answer. Alanna has lived with anxiety for most of her life and is battling to a place where she can confidently say Yes to God. She wants to help others on that path towards their own fiat, first facing the reality of anxiety in regards to faith and then moving to step out in trust.

Alanna has self-published the new journal Preparing for Peace: A Catholic Lenten Journal for Women with Anxiety.  It certainly was a challenge to get it written and not let fear take over. She put out into the deep and stepped out in faith to get this finished.

This video is from the live stream of the podcast Alanna co-hosts, Liturgy Live. She explains part of the journey and the basics of the journal.

Preparing For Lent

The description of the book is:

The Preparing for Peace journal is a guide that leads you from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday in preparation for the peace that Christ wants to give you, in spite of your anxiety. This journal is not a lulling to sleep of your anxieties. It is also not a cure for your anxiety, your anxiety might be curable, it also might be a thorn in your side that is used for the attainment of your sanctification. This journal IS a deep serious look at the core troubles of your heart. The main focus will be on Peace, Trust, and Grace. I ask that you walk humbly with me through this Lent and take a hard look at where the anxiety is coming from, how to acknowledge it and face it straight on, with the power of Christ. I am not asking you to do this within your own strength, but with the strength provided by the Holy Spirit. The beginning of the journal will require you to put out into the deep, it is a path of self reflection, to then be able to see the monster you are fighting. The monster of anxiety feels like a huge dragon in the beginning, but we are able to slay dragons! Your journey of trust in the Lord will turn that dragon into a groveling snake that will be easier to face and destroy in spiritual combat. This is the battle of a saint. Encountering anxiety might be daily for some, and come in seasons for others. Being prepared with the truth of who you are and who Christ is will provide the high ground to defend your heart, mind, and soul.

You can find the journal on Amazon Preparing for Peace: A Catholic Lenten Journal for Women with Anxiety

Also now on Kindle! Kindle version of Preparing for Peace!

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