Family Board Meeting with Mike and Alicia Hernon

Catholic-Link Podcast
Catholic-Link Podcast
Family Board Meeting with Mike and Alicia Hernon

Mike and Alicia Hernon from the Messy Family Project discuss with Drew and Katie Taylor the details of Catholic family life! The Family Board Meeting not only helps Catholic Couples learn how to create a family mission statement, they intentionally create a Catholic Family Culture! Mike and Alicia Hernon provide incredible resources, especially the Messy Family Podcast! They are passionate about helping Catholic families live out the Catholic marriage and family life in all its glory and messiness.

They provide practical Catholic parenting advice and Catholic Marriage advice. However, they believe each family has a unique and important way to live out the Sacrament of Marriage in service to the whole world. Our parenting and family will not be perfect, it will be messy but having a clearly defined vision of the purpose of our family is critical to becoming the family we were created to be. To fight the world’s culture and create a Catholic culture we need to set aside time to affirm our spouses in their gifts, cast a family vision and develop concrete goals to make that vision a reality! This is what the Family Board Meeting helps you do! This will transform your marriage and your family culture. Learn More About Alicia and Mike Hernon Here: The Family Board Meeting:…



Messy Family Podcast:…


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CHALLENGE Join The Family Board Webinar on 28 January! Sign up here:… Share this video with one friend! MORE ABOUT THIS EPISODE #MessyFamilyProject #FamilyBoardMeeting #CatholicFamilyLife Mike and Alicia Hernon truly help Catholic families learn how to create a Catholic family culture and how to create a family mission statement. Through the Messy Family Project, they provided Catholic marriage and family advice.

Deep diving into Catholic marriage and family life on the Messy Family Podcast. Because Catholic parenting is hard but we want intentional Catholic family life to develop the family and culture we truly desire. They provide practical Catholic marriage advice, as well as how to raise a Catholic family, Through raising 10 Catholic children and now becoming grandparents Mike Hernon and Alicia Hernon truly have incredible insight into Catholic family life!

***QUESTION of the DAY – Have you done a family board meeting yet? If not will you be joining us this year?!?

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