Parents Were Told This Baby Would Die, But Abigail Jones Will Live!

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During an ultrasound done at thirty weeks, parents Erika and Stephen Jones were given the heart-wrenching news that their baby girl would be born with a massive brain tumor. They had already been aware that the baby would be born with Down Syndrome, but the tumor came as a shock. The doctors informed the couple that their child would not likely live more than a few days.

The Jones family prepared for the diagnosis that had been given through prayer and preparation.  They made funeral arrangements for their daughter.   On August 6th, 2015, Abigail  Noelle Jones was born.  To the doctors’ surprise, Abigail lived longer than expected.   However, tests showed that her tumor had grown and was an aggressive form of brain cancer that could not be treated with chemo.

Not wanting to stay in a hospital, the couple decided to take Abigail home to be with her two-year-old sister, Audrey, and create family memories while they could.  A professional photographer Mary Huszcza was inspired by the family’s story and took photos of the new family.   It didn’t take long for the photos to go viral.  You can view them here.

Abigail continued to grow and thrive in her home which led her parents to pursue other options and a second opinion.  They found a surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital willing to operate on Abigail’s tumor.   The news was just released that the operation was more than successful.  The tumor was found to be benign and doctors do not think it will grow back again.  Abigail Jones will live life to the fullest.

Parents Were Told This Baby Would Die, But Abigail Jones Will Live!

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Along with Abigail’s family and all who follow her story, we praise God for the miracle of her life.  This is a beautiful, pro-life story to share with others.  These type of stories remind us that God is in control of all life.  No matter what the medical diagnosis is, God can intervene to save lives and perform miracles from the unborn to the elderly.  Much like the story of Jaxon Buell (born with a large part of his skull and brain missing, but in spite of the odds celebrated his first birthday in August), the story of Abigail Jones is sure to attract the interest and attention of many.  Let this be an opportunity to truly give God the glory and use it as a way to advocate for the dignity of all life.

“Praising Him this morning! So consumed with joy. Can’t hardly breathe looking at this beautiful girl. My girl. I get to keep you!! I can’t wait to see your story unfold. To tell you how you are a living testimony of healing. Amazing. Overwhelmed!”  – from Abigail’s Joy Facebook Page

Discussion Questions

1.)  How do stories like Abigail’s remind us of God’s power and majesty? How does this help us to trust in God’s plan for our lives even in times of tragedy?

2.) Studies have found that prenatal tests diagnosing unborn babies with Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18 are wrong up to 50% of the time and have led to an increase in abortions.   What would you say to a couple that has found out their baby might be born with one of these abnormalities?  How would you offer them encouragement and support?

3.) How can you effectively be a witness to the beauty of life? What do you do to show your care and concern for all human life?

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