Ever Feel Like You Need A Guide On How To Pray For Your Kids?

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Katie Warner is a wife, stay-at-home mother, author, and speaker who also somehow manages to find time time to be a correspondent for the National Catholic Register,  a writer for the Integrated Catholic Life, a presenter for Symbolon and Opening the Word faith formation programs, and works part-time for Catholics Come Home.   I got tired just writing that!  She is truly a woman empowered by the Holy Spirit to be able to minister effectively in all these areas.

Her book, Head & Heart: Becoming Spiritual Leaders For Your Family was published in 2015 and unveils seven characteristics of strong spiritual leaders as well as provides practical tools for leading and loving our families toward heaven.

Katie’s newest project makes a great Christmas gift for parents…and there is a grandparent edition as well. Here is a description of the unique guide she has created.

A Parent Who Prays: A Journal to Guide You in Praying For Your Children

Perhaps there is no greater gift we can give our children than the gift of our prayers. As parents, we, almost without thinking, nourish their bodies and their minds throughout our daily activities with them, but it is in praying fervently for our children that we can help the life of grace flourish within their souls, aiding God in transforming them into the children He desires them to be.

Sometimes life happens, and we aren’t as intentional about praying for our children as we would like to be. Allow this simple prayer guide and journal to give you the motivation and tools you need to make praying for your children a priority this year—and always.

This beautifully simple prayer journal contains:

– 52 unique special intentions for your child(ren), one on each page,

– Scripture verses and quotes to reflect on,

– Space for writing specific intentions and spiritual bouquets you want to offer for your child(ren), and

– Recommendations for how to use the journal and prayer ideas.

A single journal can be used to pray for all of your children or multiple can be purchased so you can devote one journal for each child. It is also designed to be gifted to the child, if the parent chooses to, or it can remain a private prayer diary for the parent.

Pope Francis has said, “In the family of prayer, in strong moments and in difficult periods, may we be entrusted to one another, in order that every one of us in the family may be protected by God’s love.”

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