One Unusual Way That You Can Help the People Of Great Britain

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There is much in society to worry us, both at home and abroad. We can easily fall into despair at the many overwhelming and insurmountable issues.

But we are called as Christians never ever to despair and never to lose hope.

Which is why I love this latest initiative Rosary on the Coast. Last year the people of Poland and Ireland felt called to gather on the boundaries of their countries and pray for the regeneration of faith in their countries. Now the people of Great Britain (Scotland, Wales and England and their respective islands) are feeling called in a similar way.

So on Sunday 29th April 2018 the Church (indeed everyone!) in Great Britain is invited to make a pilgrimage to the coast to pray the Rosary at 3pm. The intentions are simple:

              “This is a day of Pilgrimage and Prayer for the re-flourishing of our Faith, for the grace to build a culture of Life and for true Peace to reign in the hearts of all peoples & Nations.”

So far the response to this initiative has been outstanding. There is support from both Bishops and His Holiness Pope Francis. The map of locations joining in on the day is continuing to grow, linking up the coastline around the British Isles with the promise of prayers.

Rosary Coast

This is the Beauty of the Church! 

This is a beautiful and inventive way to lift up our country in prayer and to place it trustingly in the hands of Our Lady, knowing that her intercession is powerful and swift. I myself live in Wales and I will be on the coast on the 29th April to join with others in my local community to pray for Great Britain. Out of those I’ve already spoken to about the event there is a great sense of excitement and joy at the prospect of it. This is the beauty of the Church- both its simplicity and grandeur meet in such initiatives as this: the laity, the old, the young, the Bishops, the priests, the religious, those newer Catholics, those cradle Catholics, those seeking and those who are sure will all be there along the beautiful coastline of our country. We urge you to join us!

Where Can I Find Out More? 

Rosary on the Coast have an excellent website that is full of useful resources. There you can find a map of all locations. You can also register your own location if it is not on the map yet. Any questions you have can be found there, as well as on their equally comprehensive Facebook page.

What if I’m not in Great Britain? 

Of course we know that many of our readers do not live in  Great Britain. But if you’re passionate about the renewal of faith everywhere in the world, and you have a heart for us Brits 😉 then maybe you could join us in prayer where ever you live in the world. The event will take place at 3pm BST on 29th April, so you can find out what time that is for you using this handy world time converter, and join us in the Rosary at the same time!

Or You Can Go a Step Further!

The world needs our prayers. Our own countries need our prayers. This isn’t just a gimmick or cute one-off idea to make ourselves feel better. I am convinced of the power of this event. I am convinced of the change that will come from this event. I am convinced of the difference it will make to my country. So why not join Poland, Ireland and Great Britain and organize this event in your own country? Make it a nationwide affair that will link up the borders of your land in prayer.

Rosary On The Coast

Tell Me More! 

There’s so much great stuff on the Rosary on the Coast website, but here’s a short extract to help you understand the need behind this event:

“The religious response of people of Faith is to turn to Jesus and to appeal to Our Lady as Queen of Peace, who witnessed the most terrible of evil of all at Calvary and whose silent sacrifice, in union with Her Son’s, saw that same evil defeated and lasting grace inaugurated. It is the Lord’s triumph over death, which transforms the hopelessness of the tomb into the joy of Easter Resurrection.  With Christ at the heart of our lives we can dare to HOPE for change!

Are we prepared to stand at the foot of the Cross-of the Calvary of our time and in fervent prayer, plead for the Mercy of God to descend and for the precious blood of Jesus to cleanse us and make way for the healing and purifying rays of Divine Mercy to envelop us all and prepare the way for God’s reign of blessing and peace throughout the world?

This is what Rosary on the Coast is all about.

Our people worry and watch on before the unchecked moral decline of our society amid an all too real Gospel context of threats of wars, terrorist attacks and natural disasters.  It arouses in them a new urgency to find some higher, more supernatural response, one that will adequately engage and overcome the dark strongholds of our world.   Our faith invites us not to be blind to the reality of evil and the spirit of Satan that often lurks behind geo-political problems, seeking to hold humanity in his primordial bondage. 

The Lord gives us every encouragement to adopt this path:  If my people who bear my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my presence and turn from their wicked ways, I myself will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and restore their land.   

2 Chronicles 7v14″

So if you haven’t already, please consider coming along to your nearest coastal location, or join us in prayer on the day! See you soon: either in person or in spirit!

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