“I killed a human being.” – A Mother Reflects On Her Abortion

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When I found this video, I couldn’t help but be impressed. The first thing that I thought about was the courage of this young girl, the pain in her eyes, and the directness and clarity with which she conveyed her message.

It is a message that, I believe, will save many lives. For this, I am extremely thankful.

The video serves as an excellent resource for watching and discussing with youth the fears that come with an unwanted pregnancy. Fears that, one might say, don’t always make much sense, but fears that the youth nevertheless feel and the questions that they ask themselves. Fear of loosing their youth, fear of loosing their fun, fear of solitude, fear of not being able to sustain themselves economically, fear of rejection, fear of the future.

This young girl made a “responsible” decision in the eyes of many around her. She had an abortion. But if the problem was “resolved”, what, then, made her suffer so much? What happened is that she killed a human being. And no matter the story they might tell, she draws her own conclusions with simple logic: Something that grows and develops to become a human being, is a human being from the beginning. It cannot be anything else. The rest is storytelling.

Her words are strong and clear: Abortion is wrong; abortion kills human beings. And with such an impressive testimony, what really captivates me is the faith in God that surrounds her. She knows that we all have challenges in our lives and with each challenge we are presented options; and she took the wrong one.

But great is God’s mercy and great is her faith. She knows that God can (and most definitely does) change things if we ask Him.

When you have a friend in a similar situation, desperate with her pregnancy and perhaps thinking that abortion will remedy her life, show her this video, share it, and talk about it together.

Let these words that she says at the end: “Think about the fact that you are carrying life inside you”, exercise their full weight. And, what is most important, remind them to turn their eyes and pleas to God. For, He will respond.

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