We All Have a Choice to End Modern Day Slavery and Genocide

by Abortion, Value of Human Life

When society claims as her own the power to define the person’s dignity and identity, history shows that fewer and fewer meet the criteria. “Slavery” and “genocide” are not realities of the past nor of far away countries. There are an estimated 45 million abortions in the world each year. I am not sure if the word “genocide” is quite strong enough.

The video is a short film written and directed by Tim Morgan that presents 3 parallel stories dealing with slavery, the holocaust, and abortion. Both the screenplay and the music are well done. It shows the drama of a man´s passivity in the face of injustice. Every person, in every generation, is faced with difficult situations.

But we all have a choice.

Here is an interesting quote from the Vatican II document, Guadium et Spes 41:

“Thanks to this belief (that only God responds to the questions about the person´s dignity), the Church can anchor the dignity of human nature against all tides of opinion, for example those which undervalue the human body or idolize it. By no human law can the personal dignity and liberty of man be so aptly safeguarded as by the Gospel of Christ which has been entrusted to the Church. For this Gospel announces and proclaims the freedom of the sons of God, and repudiates all the bondage which ultimately results from sin.”

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