You Don’t Belong To Your Sin, You Belong To The Father

You Don’t Belong To Your Sin, You Belong To The Father


You Don't Belong To Your Sin, You Belong To The Father Matt Fradd Quote


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catholic mental health sacrament reconciliation

This Sacrament Improves Mental Health…Here’s Why

Gospel of Luke 20:27-38 Some Sadducees, those who deny that there is a resurrection,came forward and put this question to Jesus, saying,“Teacher, Moses wrote for us,If someone’s brother dies leaving a wife but no child,his brother must take the wifeand raise up descendants for his brother.Now there were seven brothers;the first married a woman but […]


Is There A Lesson In This Artist’s Gruesome Depiction Of The Seven Deadly Sins?

“Yes, now’s the moment; I’m looking at this thing on the mantlepiece, and I understand that I am in hell.” — Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit, 1944 As most theologians point out, once we lose belief in God, it’s a short leap to the belief that there is no moral absolute, no Absolute Good. After all, […]

An Examination Of Conscience For Fathers

An Examination Of Conscience For Fathers

An examination of conscience is a tool that is used when preparing for making a good Confession. This tool can also be used at any time of day, but can be especially fruitful at nighttime, looking back over the day. The father is the priest of his domestic Church. He is the head of the […]

catholic purgatory defined

The Holy Souls In Purgatory – Our Allies In The Afterlife

The word Purgatory comes from the Greek root πῦρ (“pur”) which means both “fire” and “pure.” This is a fitting description, as the fires of Purgatory, rather than destroying like the fires of Hell, instead purify. Purgatory is where we expiate for the pain due to mortal sins that have been forgiven through the sacrament […]

catholic response to will smith chris rock saint quotes anger

What Would The Saints Say To Will Smith And Chris Rock?

Even if you didn’t watch the Oscars, you’ve likely seen all over social media what occurred between Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith. An offensive joke was told at the expense of Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband retaliated by walking on stage to slap Chris Rock and then proceeded to cuss him […]

Is sin really a big deal? Find out what sin is and how it impacts that spiritual life. We will briefly define sin and then discuss its effect

What Is Sin And What Are Its Effects?

Related content: How Sin Works | Catholic Inspiration What God And The Devil Tell You Before Sin And After Sin Sin Is A Wound; Repentance Is A Medicine Infographic: The Effects Of Pornograhy In The Brain The Amazing Effects Of Grace Of The Seven Sacraments How To Overcome Your Addiction To Sin The 5 Necessary […]

Catholic guide to growing in virtue truemanhood

Virtue Is The Answer | TrueManhood’s Guide To Virtue

Everyone struggles with something. A root sin, a set of bad habits, some sort of fear, something that causes undue anxiety, etc. Many (most?) of us struggle with many such things. So what does a person do? Drew Taylor and I sat down recently to discuss this topic, and more. Check it out here: True […]

Illustrated Examination Of Conscience

An Examination Of Conscience Illustrated Guide

An Illustrated Guide To Make An Examination Of Conscience 1. Open Yourself Up to God’s Presence Practical tip: find a quiet corner in your home or in a chapel. Having a sacred image in front of you is ideal. Light a candle. Take a few moments to breathe and relax. Start by making the sign […]

Gospel Reflection Catholic

1st Sunday Of Lent | Our Temptations

This week on the Podcast we talk about temptations. Specifically the first temptation of Adam and Eve and the temptations of Christ in the desert. Most of our sins fall into the three categories of sin, our base passions, our vanity and our pride. We discuss fasting and finding the sweet spot of suffering where […]

Gospel Reflection Catholic

Liturgy Live 7th Sunday In Ordinary Time | Be Perfect

This week we talk about how to respond to division in the Church. Do not let others’ actions drag you into sin. Focus on contemplation, be prepared even for distractions, so you will not be disturbed in those moments. When you have control over your own passions and emotions you can have a positive effect […]

Advent Confession Catholic

An Advent Confessional

Catholics are to take advantage of the sacrament of Penance at least once a year–if you’re Catholic, you should remember that from your CCD or RCIA class. Advent is a particularly good time to do this. If, like most of us, you hurry to clean your homes in preparation to receive guests, wouldn’t you like […]

Gospel Reflection Catholic

The Lord Our Justice | Liturgy Live 1st Sunday in Advent

Join is this week for the discussion of the Sunday readings. Due to a technical difficulty we had to restart the stream and jump into the second reading right away. We still talk about part of the first reading about The Lord our Justice. Father Ian talks about how we need Justice to have Mercy […]

how to go to confession catholic

Dear Father – I Confess, It’s Not You, It’s Me

Many Catholics are blessed to have a priest friend. Or, even if they’re not someone you consider your friend, you still may have that priest who you look up to. You know, the one you talk to every Sunday either before or after Mass. The one who has known you for years and knows your […]

Gospel reflection Be Courageous! How to Overcome Your Addiction to Sin

How To Overcome Your Addiction To Sin

Be Courageous! How to Overcome Your Addiction to Sin Overcome your bad habits and sin by claiming authority as a child of God 1. Stop cowering in fear or acceptance of your weakness as if it’s “just the way it is, I’m stuck.” 2. Name and confront your enemy with courage. In other words, stop […]

"Why is pornography harmful? More importantly, what must I do to get out of the slime pit of lust, pornography and masturbation?" Catholic pornography addiction

Playing With Pornography: 6 Practical Steps To Help You Stop

Saint Pope John Paul II once made this memorable comment on Pornography, “the problem with pornography is not that it shows too much of the person, but that it shows far too little.“ We live in society where sex sells. Models, showing too much sex appeal and wearing far too little clothes, are used to […]

Confession Why should you go to Confession more than a few times a year? This article gives 11 great reasons why you should make Confession a priority!

11 Things That Happen When You Commit To Going To Confession Regularly

As Catholics, we are required to go to Confession once a year, but why stop there? We know Confession can be daunting or difficult, and there might be many reasons why you don’t want to go. However, regular Confession, whether it be monthly, every two weeks, or weekly, doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, […]

9 Ways You Might Be Participating In Other People's Sins

9 Ways You Might Be Participating In Other People’s Sins

Talking about sin is not exactly a surefire way to win a popularity contest. Good thing the path to holiness is not a popularity contest! In fact, He promised that it wouldn’t be, both in word (especially in the Beatitudes) and indeed (at His Crucifixion). But isn’t there a kind of cognitive dissonance to refuse […]

what to do when you sin Catholic

The 5 Necessary Spiritual Steps You Need To Take After You Sin

This is a matter we seldom talk about with clarity, I don’t know exactly why. My impression is that we talk a lot about sin in an abstract way, or using an academic-theological terminology that the common Christian doesn’t always understand. Nevertheless, we are before a crucial aspect of the Christian life, and it is […]

10 saints with a bad past

10 Saints Who Prove God’s Grace Is Bigger Than Your Sin

Have you ever heard someone say, “My sin is too big for God to forgive”? Or, maybe you yourself even feel this way at times? This is a lie that the devil would like us to believe, but the truth is no one’s sin is bigger than God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness. He has immeasurable […]


What Ashton Kutcher Said to Congress About the Horrors of Human Trafficking

Would you be shocked to learn that there are more souls ensnared in slavery today than in any previous moment in history? Let that sink in for a second. We at Catholic-Link have been lamenting and warning readers about the recently released film sequel to 50 Shades of Grey  – I for one am so […]


Millennials and Microaggressions: Why the Sacrament of Confession is More Necessary Than Ever

In adolescence we often believe (at least subconsciously) that all the good that has come to us is there on account of our own worthiness, while all the bad things are the result of the failings of those who reared us. The first day of spiritual adulthood truly begins when one realizes, not so much […]

Terry Crews Shares About Porn Addiction And The 90-day "Sex Fast" That Saved His Marriage catholic marriage tips advice

Terry Crews Shares About Porn Addiction And The 90-day “Sex Fast” That Saved His Marriage

Terry Crews was born in Flint, Michigan, in 1968 and was drafted by the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams in 1991. After several years playing pro football, Crews retired and pursued an acting career, which took flight on the big screen in 2000’s The 6th Day. Many film roles followed. Also known for appearing in a series of […]

Planned Parenthood

(Video) Planned Parenthood Found Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies

It’s no secret to Pro-Life advocates that Planned Parenthood is something other than what it styles itself to be.  For decades, under the guise of providing “healthcare,” and “empowering women” by fighting for their rights and sexual and reproductive preferences, PP is, in reality, the standard-bearer and number one promoter of abortion around the world. […]

pornography 11 Steps To Break Porn Addiction

11 Steps To Quit Watching Pornography

I wish I could say that this post is only for that “small group” of people addicted to pornography. Would that it were a “small group,” but no, it is not small, it is a group that over the years has become so great that today there are very few men (and women) who have […]

11 Tips to Regaining Peace After Having Sinned |

11 Tips To Regain Peace After Having Sinned

A few days ago I finished reading “Inner Peace” by Jacques Philippe.  It is a brief spiritual book written in a simple language and filled with beautiful teachings about cultivating spiritual peace in our Christian life. The book goes over several actions and situations concerning ourselves or others that make us lose our inner peace: […]



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Dorthy Day’s Advent Advice

Dorthy Day’s Advent Advice In solitude Christ speaks to the heart, as a modest lover who embraces not His beloved before all the world.”In silence we hear so much that is beautiful. The other day I saw a young mother who said,...

Feast Of St. Martin Of Tours

Feast Of St. Martin Of Tours

St. Martin of Tours was a 4th century Roman soldier and later bishop who is now revered as a Catholic saint. He is known for his acts of kindness and generosity, such as when he famously used his sword to cut his cloak in half and give one piece to a beggar in need....


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