What Does True Love Really Look Like?

What Does True Love Really Look Like?

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Jesus Died For You - Will You Live For Him?

Jesus Died For You – Will You Live For Him?

Jesus died for you Related content: Love Held Jesus To The Cross | Catholic-Link.org The Wounds Of Jesus | Catholic-Link.org 4 Movies About The Life Of Jesus To Watch This Lent Christ Defeated Death So I Could Live 25 Names Of Jesus To Use In Prayer This Christmas The 7 Last Words Of Jesus Jesus […]

human suffering suffering Dr. Peter Kreeft Quote

God’s Answer To Suffering | Dr. Peter Kreeft Quote

It is a little child with tears in its eyes looking up at Daddy and weeping, “Why?” This is not merely the philosophers’ “why?” Not only does it add the emotion of tears but also it is asked in the context of relationship. It is a question put to the Father, not a question asked […]

Stations of the Cross: 14 Moments with Jesus (Infographic)

My Life And The Stations Of The Cross: 14 Moments With Jesus

Praying the Stations of the Cross is a devotion centered on the main events of the Passion of our Lord.  If you have not yet done the Stations during the Fridays of Lent, we encourage you to take the opportunity on Good Friday. In fact, I dare say that we can identify (clearly to a […]

atholic quotes, infographics, memes and more resources for the New Evangelization. God did not come to explain away suffering or remove it.

God Did Not Come To Remove Suffering

God Did Not Come To Remove Suffering   More Catholic Resources https://catholic-link.org/trouble-understanding-the-mass-heres-a-simple-explanation/ Infographic: Instruction Manual For Mass, When To Stand, Sit And Kneel Mass Will Never Be The Same After You See This 10 Things You Should Know About Catholic Mass Etiquette Want To Request A Mass? Here’s How What One Priest Told Me About […]

Can You Bear the Cross?

Can You Bear the Cross?

Can you bear the cross? Related content: Carry Your Cross And Follow Me | Matthew 16:24 The Crown And The Cross Go Together | Catholic-Link.org The Cross Is The Word Through Which God Has Responded To Evil In The World | Pope Francis The Cross Of Jesus: 5 Quotes From The Saints Love Held Jesus […]

Coronavirus Holy Week Quarantined Easter

Preparing For A Quarantined Holy Week

I have a healthy fear of the coronavirus but one worry is growing more steadily with every newly canceled event: what’s going to happen during Holy Week?  Like many Catholics, Holy Week, and the Triduum, in particular, is my yearly retreat from the rest of the world. The worry that some or all services could […]

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