Love Is Our True Destiny

Love Is Our True Destiny

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Catholic Quote: The Cure To a Lonely Heart is Time Spent With Jesus

The Cure To A Lonely Heart

The Cure To A Lonely Heart Related content: When We Give Our Wounded Heart To Jesus The Door To God’s Heart Will Always Be Open For Us 10 Times Even People Who Aren’t Religious Start Praying In Obscurity And In Humility: 7 Things You Should Know About The Curé of Ars (St. John Vianney) The […]

Saints Who Were Friends: Discover These Holy Friendships | Catholic-Link

Saints Who Were Friends

Saints Who Were Friends   More Saint Resources Related content: 10 Saints Who Were Friends Teach Us The Meaning Of Friendship Ever Wondered What The Saints Looked Like As Children? 32 Photos Of Saints 10 Saints Who Were Mothers 10 Patron Saints Of Random Causes Quotes On Prayer by Popes and Saints God Can Hear […]

St. John Paul II Quote Duty of Man And Woman Vocation

The Task Of Every Man And Woman

The Vocation of Women According to Saint John Paul II Yes to the Dignity and Beauty of Marriage, No to “Gender” Philosophies How To Embrace The Call To Be An Image Bearer   Related content: Yes to the Dignity and Beauty of Marriage, No to “Gender” Philosophies 15 Tips For Every Catholic Man Seeking To […]

how to have a happy marriage

How To Have A Happy Marriage: Explained In 4 Infographics

What is the secret to a happy marriage? The secret of how to have a happy marriage is realizing that happiness is not the purpose of marriage. If your goal in marriage is your own personal happiness, you’re going about it all wrong. The first thing to do is to spend some time studying the […]

How to Pray Together as a Couple

How To Pray Together As A Couple

Have you ever wondered how to pray as a couple? Here are three easy things you can do to begin a prayer life with your spouse/soon to be spouse. If you want to learn more about how you can have a great marriage, not just an average one, check out this Youtube video! How To […]


Teamwork Is Essential to the Christian Life

“Lone ranger”, “independent”, “self-made man/woman”, “do-it-yourself” are just a few common phrases that we hear a lot. There is definitely something positive to being capable of doing things alone, but why has it become an all-important virtue? Why is doing something on your own necessarily better? Sometimes I wonder if society trains us to be lonely. Teamwork […]

Make Laughter A Common Place In Uncommon Places Catholic

Make Laughter A Common Place In Uncommon Places

Comedian Michael Jr. presents a video that outlines his overarching goal in his comedy career. He describes his big break that occurred when he began to do comedy for others and not for himself. Michael describes this change in his interior that transformed his exterior, “I felt a little shift take place, where I felt […]

This Common Advice Might Actually Be Hurting Your Marriage

This Common Advice Might Actually Be Hurting Your Marriage

This Buzzfeed video contains a lot of facts on marriage, but are they all true? Everyone seems to have an opinion about what works and what doesn’t in a marriage. It takes time to figure out what will help you and your spouse have the best marriage possible. “I do.” I’m not sure how it’s […]

A few of Saint Augustine's Best Quotes include “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in You.”

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord…” | St. Augustine

  More St. Augustine Resources Too Late Did I Love You! (St. Augustine) 7 Benefits Of Fasting According To St. Augustine Saint Augustine’s “Confessions” | 11 Essential Quotes on Our Christian Life Related content: Saint Augustine’s “Confessions” | 11 Essential Quotes On The Christian Life A 1-Minute Video Of St. Augustine Quotes To Live By […]

Quotes on Friendship from the Saints

10 Quotes on Friendship From the Saints That You’ll Want to Share With Your Bestie

The Saints understood the value of a good friend. Friends that encourage us and inspire us in our faith are an essential part of the Christian life. As the Saints remind us in these quotes, a true friend is difficult to find and when we do find one, we should do all we can to maintain […]


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