Lent According To Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Lent According To Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


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Good Friday Every Friday Catholic Why Good Friday Is Good

Why Every Friday Is Like A Mini Good Friday

What is Good Friday? Good Friday is the second day of the Sacred Triduum, in between Holy Thursday and Easter Vigil. Good Friday is the commemoration of the passion and death of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. It is always three days before Easter, which marks the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead! […]

The Donkey G.K. Chesterton Catholic Poem Palm Sunday

The Donkey | Palm Sunday

The Donkey | G.K. Chesterton When fishes flew and forests walkedAnd figs grew upon thornSome moment when the moon was bloodThen surely I was born. With monstrous head and sickening cryAnd ears like errant wingsThe devil’s walking parodyOn all four-footed things. The tattered outlaw of the earth,Of ancient crooked will;Starve, scourge, deride me: I am […]

The Friday of Sorrows takes place on the Friday before Palm Sunday and it is a time set aside to honor the sorrows of the Blessed Mother.

Before Palm Sunday: The Friday Of Sorrows

The Friday of Sorrows takes place on the Friday before Palm Sunday and it is a time set aside to honor the sorrowful Blessed Virgin Mary before Holy Week begins. Related content: Use This Video To Help Your Kids (Or Yourself!) Understand Palm Sunday On Palm Sunday, The Crowd Cries “Hosanna” Entering Into The Mystery Of […]

cross catholic prayer roman ritual blessing

Ancient Blessing Of A Cross Found In The Roman Ritual

Lord Jesus Christ, bless + this cross by which you snatched the world from Satan’s grasp, and on which you overcame by your suffering the tempter to sin, who rejoiced in the first man’s fall in eating of the forbidden tree. May this cross be hallowed in the name of the Father, + and of […]

Stations of the Cross Catholic Image

Stations Of The Cross Image

We adore you, O Christ, and we praise you. Because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world. Stations of the Cross The First Station: Jesus is Condemned to Death The Second Station: Jesus Carries the Cross The Third Station: Jesus Falls for the First Time The Fourth Station: Jesus Meets His Mother The Fifth Station: Simon Helps Jesus […]

catholic lent Gospel reflection Luke

The Goal Of Lent

Gospel of Luke 4:1-13 Filled with the Holy SpFilled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the desert for forty days, to be tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and when they were over he was hungry. The devil said to him, […]

Catholic Date Night Lent

4 Ideas For Lent Date Nights

Truly, Lent is a time to be solemn and focused on our Lord in his journey to the Cross. But as a couple, it still remains important to be united with our beloved through time together and conversation. A Lent themed date night could be a perfect combination of these two truths! 4 Ideas for […]

What will you give up for Lent this year? Get creative and give these things a try! Find more great resources for Lent at Catholic-Link.org

Things To Give Up For Lent That Aren’t Chocolate

Things To Fast From That Aren’t Chocolate Need More Ideas For Your Lenten Fast? Try this Quiz 2022 Lent Resources Lent Recipes Related content: Giving Up Social Media For Lent? Lent Isn’t Meant To Be Sweet: A Guide To Deciding What To Give Up 3 Easy Lent Recipes To Help You Fast On Ash Wednesday| […]

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Have Mercy On Us And On The Whole World

Have Mercy On Us And On The Whole World

Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the violence occurring throughout the world. We fervently pray for those who are grieving. “Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins...