What God And The Devil Tell You Before Sin And After Sin

What God And The Devil Tell You Before Sin And After Sin


What God And The Devil Tell You Before Sin And After Sin

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A Priest Breaks Down The Sacrament of Confession in a Way Everyone Will Understand

A Priest Breaks Down The Sacrament Of Reconciliation In A Way Everyone Will Understand

The Sacrament of Reconciliation… Hmmm, just what do these ‘big’ words actually mean? Let’s take this time to unpack their meaning. A Sacrament First, “sacrament”. Do you love somebody – parents, spouse, children, and friends? Now, how do these persons experience your loving affection and commitment towards them? Well, perhaps, you tell them that you […]


What Does it Mean to Truly Have Freedom? Do You Have it?

“We’ve been lied to, and somehow we are okay with it. Have you looked around? I mean, really seen what is happening? The pain is real. We got used to it. Let me ask you something: why are you here? … Do you think someday freedom will just come? What if, one night at the […]

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Theology of the Body Does The Catholic Church Believe Sex Is A Sin?

Does The Catholic Church Believe Sex Is A Sin?

How can you follow a Church that still believes that sex is a sin? This is the question one friend asks of another and thus begins a fantastic overview of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Theology of the Body (TOB) is much more than just a theology of sex in the modern world; […]

God doesn't exist

How Will This Man Respond When His Dentist Tells Him God Doesn’t Exist?

This short video comes from Vision Fudge, an organization which makes films in order to help people explore life’s big questions. Whether or not God exists is definitely one of those questions. In the video they ask three questions about belief in God: Does anyone believe in God? Why do people believe in God? If there […]

Prodigal Son "Come Home" - What Would The Prodigal Son Look Like Today?

“Come Home” – What Would The Prodigal Son Look Like Today?

The story of the prodigal son is much more than a parable told long ago. It is a drama that is lived out in each one of our lives. It continues to speak, to open hearts, and to change lives because it portrays our daily drama with shocking clarity and uncovers those desires closest to […]

He Came To Pay For Our... Broken Plates | Catholic-Link.org

He Came To Pay For Our… Broken Plates

 #Fallingplates is a video produced by the Christian agency, CRU Global. During its 4-minute duration – which seems to pass by in a glimpse of an eye – the production uses a series of metaphoric images through which leads us along the path of mankind: creation, sin, Christ’s resurrection, and man’s salvation. It transmits an […]


The Third Way: Sexuality, happiness and authentic love

he Third Way, made by Blackstone Films, is a clear and sensitive discussion of the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality, including personal testimonies from Catholics with same sex attraction (sometimes also called ‘homosexual tendencies’). It does contain occasional strong language and frank discussions of adult themes such as sex, drugs and alcohol which should obviously […]


The Gangster Who Died and Came Back to Life

There’s a certain extra potency when the radical message of the Gospel – the good news – comes from someone with a story like John Pridmore’s, a man who was once so rotten – so dead – that his rescue was truly as dramatic as a last-ditch heart defibrillation. I will give you a new […]

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Have Mercy On Us And On The Whole World

Have Mercy On Us And On The Whole World

Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the violence occurring throughout the world. We fervently pray for those who are grieving. “Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins...