A True Sign Of Unity And A Bond Of Charity

Holy Communion is the sign of unity and the bond of charity. - St. John Vianney



Jesus, whilst He remains after Holy Communion under the Sacred Species, unites us intimately to our neighbours by charity. It is at this moment that He says again His prayer. “Holy Father, that all these may be one as Thou Father in Me and I in You, that they may be one in Us.” “This Sacrament is the sign of unity, the bond of charity, the symbol of concord,” says the Council of Trent. What it signifies, that it effects. He is generous to us with Actual Graces, to help us to love our brothers sincerely, and generously, and to make with them one body with Jesus Christ. That is why this sacrament is called by the name Supper and Table of the Lord. These names express the union of a family, the union of friends who gather at the same feast, around the same table.
But this union is the fruit of the sacrament. One can tell, said one saint, when a soul has worthily received the Eucharist. It is so bathed in love, penetrated and changed, that one no longer recognizes it by its actions, in its words. It is charitable it is on good terms with everyone.
If you communicate often and worthily, you will be touched by the spiritual and temporal miseries of your neighbour. Do not suffer any ill-will or bitterness in your heart against your neighbour. This would be contrary to the work of Jesus in you. But this is not enough. At the moment of Communion, and during the time after receiving, pray for the conversion of sinners, for fervour for the tepid, the salvation of the dying, and the relief of the dead. When infinite love comes to you, He can refuse you nothing for the souls He loves so dearly.

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