What Makes A Perfect Catholic Marriage?

What Makes A Perfect Catholic Marriage?


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catholic how to pray with your spouse

This Simple Method Of Praying With Your Spouse Will Improve Your Marriage!

Praying with my husband is something that has never been easy for me to do. Though I tell him everything and share all aspects of my life with him, I’ve always seemed to stumble when it comes to our prayer time together. Our first few years of marriage, I forced myself to say something, but […]

7 Things You Need To Know About Infidelity In Marriage

7 Things You Need To Know About Infidelity In Marriage

Esther Perel is a prominent Belgian psychotherapist who lives in New York. She has dedicated 30 years to couples therapy and to the study of infidelity; and she has been traveling around the world for the last 10 years, collecting information about this topic in different cultures. The following is a TED Talk in which […]

The Nuptial Blessing is a rather lengthy prayer is tucked between the Exchange of Consent and the Our Father Catholic Wedding ceremony

Why You Should Listen Closely To This Part Of The Wedding Ceremony

If someone asked you what was said in the Nuptial Blessing at a wedding, would you know? Probably not. This rather lengthy prayer is tucked between the Exchange of Consent and the Our Father and if you aren’t paying attention, you may miss one of the most beautiful prayers of the entire liturgy. Why is […]

catholic outside wedding

Why Can’t I Have A Catholic Outdoor Wedding? The 3 Requirements For Catholic Wedding Venues

What is the problem with a Catholic outdoor wedding? Believe it or not, the Catholic Church actually has some beautiful reasons as to why getting married outside the Church building is discouraged. The Church is not trying to ruin the plans for the day you have dreamed of for years just because they feel like it. […]

NFP Catholic Natural FAmily Planning

The Sweet And Sour Of NFP (Natural Family Planning)

It doesn’t take long when first discovering the world of natural family planning to realize that most couples have a love/hate relationship with NFP.  The reasons to love it are obvious and the reasons to hate it are obvious.  It is a strange mix of sweet and sour that many couples struggle to find the […]

love Catholic short film animated

This Animated Short Film Shows That Love Truly Lived Gives Color To Life

Today I present to you a romantic short film about a journalist who falls in love with a girl in the comics section. And yes, this is an appropriate topic for a Catholic Resources website. I believe there are some elements in this short film worth reflecting upon. First, we must accept that love, lived […]

blind devotion Blind Devotion: Is The Best Kind Of Love Blind?

Blind Devotion: Is The Best Kind Of Love Blind?

When we think of the martyrs like Saint Valentine, what do we imagine? Probably the cruel scene of his death or the torture that he endured. This is an important part no doubt. It’s a sign of what he was willing to endure for his beliefs. But there’s a danger here: we might be forgetting what happened […]

catholic marriage tips and advice

An Extraordinarily Beautiful Video Series About The Value Of Family And Marriage

One of the most misunderstood teachings of our time is what the Catholic Church says about sexuality, marriage, and family life. The beauty of what our Church truly believes is often overshadowed by what the media distorts it to be. As a result, there is truly a lack of understanding of the value of family […]

what do catholics get wrong about marriage

“What Catholics Get Wrong About Marriage”

Blackstone Films has produced an incredibly accurate and insightful video examining the way Catholics think about and live out the vocation of marriage. Warning – the content will be personally challenging and thought-provoking. “By reason of their state in life and of their order, [Christian spouses] have their own special gifts in the People of God.”147 This […]

how to have a happy marriage

How To Have A Happy Marriage: Explained In 4 Infographics

What is the secret to a happy marriage? The secret of how to have a happy marriage is realizing that happiness is not the purpose of marriage. If your goal in marriage is your own personal happiness, you’re going about it all wrong. The first thing to do is to spend some time studying the […]


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