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Today’s world can be difficult for Catholic young adults. Many times you look around at Mass and think, “Where are my peers?”. There seems to be a missing generation in the pews of our Churches and that can easily lead to feelings of loneliness and even despair.

We crave community. We need a support system of others who share our beliefs, morals, and values. In times like these when our faith is constantly challenged by the world around us we need the encouragement of others to keep us going.

We also need the instruction and wisdom of those who have gone before us. Many young people are missing the practical “How-to’s” of living the faith in our day-to-day life. How do we reach our friends with the Gospel? How do we talk about God in the workplace? How do we fit prayer into our busyness?

Introduction To i.d.9:16

Because of the needs of young adults in their community and lack of resources that were available to help them, Peter and Debbie Herbeck of Renewal Ministries were inspired to create the outreach ministry of i.d.9:16. i.d.9:16 focuses on The Four Pillars : Initiate Conversation, Foster Communion, Embrace Orthodoxy, and Arouse Mission. By embracing these pillars,  i.d.9:16 is allowing young adults to find a community of support and grow in knowledge of the faith while learning to share the Gospel with their peers. The ministry offers monthly disciples’ nights, discipleship groups, mission trips and other events in order to do this.

i.d.9:16 is a response to what Pope Benedict called a “crisis of discipleship” in the Church today. In particular, Catholics in their 20’s and 30’s are leaving the faith at alarming rates. This is a direct result of ineffective evangelization and a lack of discipleship. We want to help parishes raise up young adult communities of missionary disciples who are characterized by what Pope Francis called a “missionary impulse” or a deep ache to spread the Good News.”

How do I bring i.d.9:16 to the young adults at my parish?

Though it began in Ann Arbor, Michigan just a few years ago,  i.d.9:16 is rapidly spreading throughout the country. As director Pete Burak and his leadership team saw the need to bring this ministry to other areas, they began to develop the programming necessary to do so. The website i.d.9:16 offers a variety of resources to help parishes begin a chapter of i.d.9:16 and the option of on-sight leadership training and development to help equip local leaders is also available. After the initial training, Pete and his team provide the curriculum and support needed to keep the young adult ministry growing in your parish. You can contact i.d.9:16 to find out more information by starting here.

“The mission of i.d.9:16 is to form young adults into intentional disciples of Jesus Christ. i.d.9:16 accomplishes this mission by inviting young adults into a new way of life—the life of an intentional disciple. i.d.9:16 is more than just an event based ministry and being a part of i.d.9:16 is more than just attending a Disciples’ Night once per month. We not only want to introduce people to Christ who is the door but also to the path that leads to salvation. Part of the New Evangelization is the renewed understanding and acceptance of what Pope Benedict called, “the art of living.” – i.d.9:16

Catholic Young Adult Resources

10 Survival Tips for Catholic Young Adults

There are times, as a young Catholic, when we can feel a little alone. We might even be the only young Catholic we know, which is difficult, not to mention lonely.

Source: catholic-link.org/2015/09/08/10-survival-tips-for-catholic-young-adults/

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