My Miraculous Healing From Alcoholism: How Bl. Michael McGivney Interceded For Me

by June, Testimonies

On December 30, 2020, I literally lost my mind. Collapsing on my living room floor, I did not have another coherent thought for nine weeks.

Although I began drinking when I was young, I eventually became addicted and my drinking spiraled out of control. It overtook my life and wreaked havoc on my family and health.

Finally, I became trapped in Korsakoff Psychosis and was put in restraints, haunted by hallucinations, and unable to recognize my closest loved ones. Transferred from institution to institution, I was committed to a psychiatric ward, and my family was told I would need 24/7 care for the rest of my life.

A Miraculous Takes Place

But then, one morning, I woke up completely well. Doctors had no explanation for my sudden healing and I didn’t figure the secret out until later. As I found my way back to the Church of my birth, I started going to mass each week and joined the Knights of Columbus. Soon after, my Aunt Gerry told me that, when I was sick, she was fervently praying for our relative Bl. Fr. Michael McGivney’s intercession. When I learned that she was praying for him to intercede for me, I realized why I was healed. Fr. McGivney has proven to be a powerful intercessor.

My life has become less self-centered and is now God-centered. I’ve really learned to increasingly live “The Surrender Prayer” that my rehab counselor recommended, and I began praying immediately when I came home from rehab. By God’s grace and living the twelve steps, my life has become more beautiful and wonderful than it ever was before, more joyful and fulfilling than I ever imagined possible. Experiencing God’s infinite power, I have felt embraced by His loving presence and more grateful than ever before.

The Miracles Continue

Although my marriage ended, another miracle of God’s mercy occurred — when I “let go” and prayed for my wife Nicole, God led her back to me again. We were remarried and our marriage is better than it’s ever been because God is in the center of it. Not only that, but He placed in her heart the desire to become Catholic and I was her sponsor when she entered the Church.

Another great blessing is that God has opened the doors for me to share my testimony to help bring hope and courage to those who are struggling from addiction. When I give talks about my story, which Nicole and I recounted in the new book You’re a Miracle, people often share that they are powerfully moved by God’s grace. Also, I am able to give witness to the intercession of Bl. Michael McGivney in my life.

Everything in my world just began to change and that beautiful way of learning through the steps of how to surrender my will and my life to God has transformed everything about me. It’s work but it’s so simple.

Even more amazing is that God gave me a beautiful gift. I was driving home from an A.A. meeting and in my car I suddenly felt this overwhelming sense of euphoria and joy and peace all kind of wrapping itself around me. That lasted for about forty-five minutes and then it just gently drifted away. Words cannot even begin to describe this incredible feeling that I felt. I felt like I was in the presence of His infinite power and love for that forty-five minute period. That gift, one that I will never forget, helps me every day when I’m encountering real world stuff — death, sickness, and failures, and I just drop to my knees and say “The Surrender Prayer.” 

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift is to know that it was God’s hand, He is the one that guided me to all this. My children have welcomed me back and wrapped their arms around me because they’ve seen what happens first hand when people surrender themselves to God. Even in this modern day, nothing is impossible with God. It is my hope that sharing my story may be a reminder of God’s glory.

Read more about the lessons learned through this miracle HERE!

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