Going To The Root Of Sexual Exploitation: The Human Heart (Graphic Images)

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Today’s video is a production by Unearthed Pictures. The idea is to raise awareness of the true problem behind the outbreak of sexual exploitation: namely, the human heart. The video is valuable in the sense that it reveals a very real and very tragic situation that exists and flourishes in our society.

It also refutes many arguments that are used in favor of activities that appear harmless, which in reality are anything but harmless– aka, pornography. And at the root of it all –the porn industry and the exploitation of women– is a desire that lives in the human heart.

Failing to address such a desire, means losing from the get-go. Lastly, the video approaches the problem not only from a sociological or moral standpoint (both valid and important), but also from a Christian standpoint. Put in their own words: “The truth is that Jesus isn’t after our sexual sobriety – he’s out to give us new hearts.”  This is a message worth sharing.


As you will see at the end, this video is part of a larger project: The Hearts of Men film. The idea is, again, to raise awareness but also to go beyond mere critiques and offer solutions. I don’t know enough about the project to endorse it or even form an opinion about it, still it seems worth a look.




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