Free Lent Resources To Help You Grow Closer To Christ

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Many of us are living a Lent we never expected. Let’s take this gift of time and use it to grow in holiness. There is so much we can do to continue our journey to Easter! We’ve created a list of free resources to help you with your quarantined Lenten adventure.

Resources For When You Can’t Go To Mass

Catholic-Link Facebook Page Will Offer Live-Streaming Of Mass At Various Times Throughout The Week

List of Churches Offering Daily Mass Online

Online Perpetual Adoration

Liturgy Live With Alanna & Fr. Ian

Make A Spiritual Communion

EWTN Televised Mass

Free Bible Studies, Talks, & Retreats

Catholic Bytes

The Magnificat is offering this month’s issue free to help those who are homebound because of the coronavirus.

The Lamb’s Supper: The Bible and the Mass is led by Scott Hahn.

Agape Bible Study

The Wildgoose Series


RC Spirituality Retreat Guides

The Art Of Living Well

Lent Retreat With Brother Lawerence Of The Resurrection

Come Pray The Rosary With People All Over The World!

The Pray More Lent Retreat

Be Not Afraid Conference

Virtual Catholic Men’s Conference

Catholic Online School

See if your parish is offering a free subscription to

Check out ebooks and movies from your local library.

Must-Have Catholic Apps

Hallow (Free Trial!)


Examen Prayer App


For The Kids

My Catholic Kids is making their video library free during this time.

Catholic Icing offers an incredible collection of craft ideas, snack ideas, and more!

Holy Heroes has Gospel reflections, Lent activities, and more!

Stations of the Cross for Kids

Free Printables from Tiny Saints

Free Museum Tours from home!

Activities for kids from the Missionary Childhood Association

Catholic Brain (free trial)

Little Saint Adventures App

We continue to offer our prayers for all those being impacted by this pandemic. Join us in saying this prayer for protection that Pope Francis wrote!

Coronavirus Prayer Mary Pope Francis

Photo by Hamish Duncan on Unsplash

Lent Resources

QUIZ: What Should You Give Up For Lent?

A Guide To The Best Catholic Lent Resources

How to Discern Between Consolation & Desolation | Lenten Spiritual Exercises

A Guide To The Best Catholic Lent Resources

How to Discern Between Consolation & Desolation | Lenten Spiritual Exercises

3 Questions To Examine Your Heart During Lent

The One BIG Thing You Are Probably Not Doing For Lent (And Why You Should)

How To Go Into The Desert: Entering The Wild, Scary, Interior Battle Of Lent

12 Pieces Of Advice That Revolutionized My Lent

12 “Pope Quotes” To Reflect On As We Approach Mid-Lent

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