Do you know where you will go when you die?

by Faith & Life

In today’s society, we find various types of attitudes regarding death. Some try to ignore it all together. Others cope by ridiculing it, laughing at it, and treating it as if it was nothing to be concerned about. Others brutalize it, shoving it into our face constantly in such an excessive way that we become progressively desensitized to its dramatic nature.

As Christians, whether it be in our day-to-day lives or with those who we are trying to evangelize, we cannot ignore death. The reality of death is a platform from which we are launched into a world of fundamental questions. It is THE question mark that denies us our capricious desire of false security and pretentious knowledge. It is the wedge that prevents the door opening to

It is THE question mark that denies us our whimsical desire of false security and pretentious knowledge. It is the wedge that prevents the door opening to the mystery from ever being closed. It is that “thorn in our side” from which we must learn to face reality in all its aspects, not just those that agree with our ideas and plans. The question of death puts us in “check”; and if we allow it, it teaches us to look for a way out, before being put into “checkmate” for good.

Every apostle of the Faith should know how to incite questions in others (starting with him or herself), even when it can cause certain discomfort. We all must do what we can to encourage others to reflect upon that fundamental question: Where am I going when I die? What we believe happens after death orients how we live here and now. The video is helpful because it impedes any attempt to find refuge in some type of eschatological relativism. There are a diversity of beliefs, true; but there is one that said He conquered death and so it is illogical to sustain that all beliefs are true. There is one who can say He has seen it, lived it, and can now tell us about it. Of course, this requires faith in Christ. Still, even for those who aren’t Christians, confronting death and asking themselves the question can be a very important step in their path of conversion.

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