QUIZ: What Should You Do For Lent?

by Lent

Every year without fail all things Lent appeal to me. The books, the retreats, the daily emails, the texts… Inevitably, I sign-up for everything and buy at least a few books. I have this desire to soak up all the spiritual resources that I can find.

But, you probably know what happens. The first few days of Lent are amazing. I read the books. I watch the videos. I open the emails. By day ten, I’m exhausted and I start to fizzle out. By the end of Lent, I’m lucky if  I’ve read a few chapters of the books and opened half the emails.

This year I’m going to limit myself to ONE Lenten resource and commit to doing that really well. Are you with me?  Take the Quiz to find out what your best option will be!

What Lent Resource Is Best For You?


Don’t think the quiz was accurate? Find a complete list of Lent Resources Here!



And don’t forget to take our “What Should You Give Up For Lent Quiz?” to find out what you should sacrifice this Lent.

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