Two New TV Series That Make Prayer A Priority

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The writers’ strike is over and many of us have been catching our favorite shows as they have returned to television on their respective networks.  There are also new shows that have premiered.  I caught the premiere of Tracker on CBS after the Superbowl and catch episodes on Paramount+ when I have a free moment.  These shows typically don’t have a faith-based element and at times cross lines of morality.  If you are looking for clean, godly content, then there are two shows I’d recommend.  One I have been following along with each week’s release on Great American Pure Flix and the other I had the chance to pre-screen eight episodes before its release on Amazon Prime.  

The Baxters

On Thursday, March 28th, The Baxters, a new episodic show produced by Roma Downey began. In this new series, Roma also returns to television, playing Elizabeth, the mom. The show is based on Christian fiction author Karen Kingsbury’s novels. The first season of the show focuses on one of the Baxter’s daughters, Kari, who learns of the affair her professor husband Tim is having with a student. Tim asks for a divorce and wants to pursue the new relationship further. Kari, a devout Christian, wishes to stay faithful to her vows and work out their marriage problems. In a conversation that I had with Roma, she remarked to me that the characters are relatable. As a priest, I was moved by the pastor of the Christian church, who in his nightly prayers, gave voice to a petition for Kari, Tim, and the Baxter family. The episodes do not shy away from showing spontaneous prayers. Another moving scene is John Baxter, the dad, praying for his daughter and all she faces. The episodes are short, making them easily bingeable. It’s a show that families can watch and then have discussions afterward.  The Baxters is a show that addresses a topic that no one really wants to sort through. The show might provide hope or healing for someone who can relate to the storyline.  

County Rescue

The Great American Pure Flix platform, which I bought an accidental yearlong subscription to, has a new show called County Rescue.  Personally, I’m a fan of emergency-based television shows. As a young kid, C.H.I.P.S. and Emergency played on TV Land on our family television. Today, shows like Chicago Fire and Chicago Med also interest me. Unfortunately, sometimes those shows present troubling moral situations for the individuals, whether it is homosexual relationships or pre-marital relationships. I was excited to see ads for County Rescue because I believed such morally troubling plots would be absent, and thus far, they have been. This show is also not afraid to showcase prayer. Before going on a call, a responder prays.  In an unrealistic scenario, the EMT also prays with a patient. As the season develops, one senses the tension that prayer and spirituality cause for one paramedic. The show treats the nature of addiction, as well as the voice of the enemy and his lies which may confront a person.  Viewers will be inspired by the show and the other themes it presents, such as following God’s call and direction.  

I’m grateful to Roma Downey and Great American Pure Flix for bringing forward content that doesn’t create a crisis of conscience.  In my pre-screening of The Baxters, I was only supplied eight episodes, so I will enthusiastically watch the first season’s final episodes once released.  And each week, I’ll look for the latest episode of County Rescue, until the season reaches its finale.  Wholesome content is available.  When we consume it, we send its creators a message that we want more of it.  I’ll keep looking for more godly content on the platforms on which I stream shows.  

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