Catholic Music Spotlight: Get To Know The Catholic Artist Behind These Popular Worship Songs

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His songs are all over Catholic music playlists and Christian and radio stations. This artist has ten albums and has written music for Casting Crowns, Crowder, and Hillsong. Plus, he’s currently touring across the USA (again).

He’s a Steinway artist, and nine-time-GRAMMY nominee, three-time-GMA Dove Award winner, and winner of multiple other awards in Canada and America.

His most popular songs include “Lord, I Need You,” “All the People Say Amen,” and “Because He Lives (Amen).” His album Empty & Beautiful was named the 2008 Catholic Album of the Year.

For over two decades, he has performed at major Catholic and Evangelical events, including World Youth Day. You’ll find him at the biggest Christian music festivals, on most major social media platforms, and through his website ( ).

Who is this well-known Christian music artist who has made a powerful impact on Catholic music?

He is the Canadian Catholic artist Matt Maher.

Matt Maher’s parents recognized his musical talent and supported that pursuit as he grew up in ensembles, choirs, and a garage rock band. He studied jazz, which you can hear influenced his music, and earned a degree from Arizona State University in Jazz.

Currently, he lives with his wife Kristin and their three children in Nashville, TN, and the depths of lyrics for his songs speak to an honest witness of faith. His success is a testament that if you’re gifted in music, you don’t have to perform secular music about mainstream pop culture themes to make a living or be accomplished.

I highly recommend that you take a listen to Matt Maher’s most recent album, “The Stories I Tell Myself.” Need more encouragement to start listening to Catholic music? Here are a few lyrics from this album to inspire you.

When I think about Jesus
He never faced a battle that He couldn’t win
And all I ever needed, I found in Him
And He makes a way through the wilderness
From glory to glory, He is my story

Matt Maher
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Image: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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