Catholic-link is BACK!

by Evangelization – With great joy, we can finally declare that Catholic-link is back online, now with a new page, updated and improved. We would like to thank you all for your patience and hope that we can continue to accompany and help you in your apostolate.

As you know, some four months ago, we were attacked by a virus and the page was rendered unusable. It was a difficult moment seeing that the page had been growing significantly and we were then helping tens of thousands of people with resources for their apostolate. After a lot of work, we were able to recover our information and began constructing a new portal. Months have passed since that moment up until today, but we are happy to say: Catholic-link is back and we have returned with a new page.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 6.43.49 PMThe greatest upgrade is a new search system. The page uses AJAX technology which offers the capacity of loading simultaneously and utilizes filters that allow users to access and personalize their search easily without needing to reload.

A new configuration of colors allows for an easier identification of the categories and their respective subcategories. Access to the page’s contents has never been so easy. With almost 800 videos registered and categorized, helping our users to find what they need is a top priority and we think that we have made significant advances in this direction.

In addition to the traditional videos, the new Catholic-link now offers image galleries. Mauricio Artieda, Director of Catholic-link declares: “Videos are a precious apostolic resource; we all know that. But after three years of teaching the religion to youth, I can say that I was able to do some of my best classes thanks to image galleries. I am truly convinced of the apostolic force that an image can have. In our new page, we have bet on it.”

Lastly, we have also renewed the page’s esthetic quality. We believe that the Gospel is a treasure that we need to transmit with dignity and in an attractive manner. Content is certainly priority number one, but this cannot serve as a justification for neglecting the form. We are happy for the fact that Catholic-link has grown in this respect, but not so much for superficial reasons of taste. Rather because Christ deserves it. Because the forms attract. And because the history of the Church, full of wisdom, reminds us of the importance of this dimension in our apostolate.

The 30 university youth that direct this project are happy to serve. We put ourselves in the hands of God and at the deposition of the Church all of the apostolate that we will carry forth, from today onward. Who can and would like to remember us in your prayers, we would be most grateful.

In Christ and Mary,

Garrett Johnson

PS: I would like to take advantage of this moment to publicly thank Oreste Villavicencia, the pages editor; Pablo Burmester, Catholic-link Webmaster; Marigina Bruno and Ricardo Perez, Catholic-link graphic designers.

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