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Catholic Gifts For The Foodie

Monk’s Bread Deluxe Gift Box

MonksBread.com is a fan favorite appearing in our Catholic Gift Guide year after year! This year they are giving away the Monks’ Deluxe Gift Box. The box includes: 3 loaves of Monks’ Bread, 4 boxes of Monks’ Biscotti, and 2 jars of Trappist Jam. Monks’ Bread and Monks’ Specialty Bakery are the delightful works of the Trappist monks of The Abbey of the Genesee in Western New York. Manual work is an integral part of Trappist life. Each monastic community must support itself by the work of its hands. The bakery supports the monastery’s primary mission, which is to pray for the world.  These delicious treats are sure to please anyone on your list this year! Don’t take our word for it, go to their site and order some delicious treats for your family to enjoy during this holiday season.

Abbey Brittle Peanut Brittle

Monks of Subiaco Abbey

This famous peanut brittle, handmade by the Benedictine monks at Subiaco Abbey, is unlike any other peanut brittle out there! In fact, the Abbey brittle has become so popular that it is now packaged and shipped around the world. But what makes their brittle so good? The monks have discovered four secrets that make theirs the best in the nation:

  • They use an extraordinarily large amount of peanuts in their recipe. A good peanut brittle, after all, should never skimp on the most important ingredient.
  • Their brittle is never mass-produced. The monks’ cooking process consists of gradually heating the brittle mixture over the stove, resulting in a delicious blend of flavors.
  • This recipe adds baking powder, producing a less dense and easier-to-chew texture.
  • And lastly, the Abbey brittle does not contain dairy products. The monks have already made the best-tasting brittle around, so there is no need to change the flavor with butter or milk!

You can purchase Abbey Brittle from Cedar House.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mug Set | Feast Day

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe set includes an Our Lady of Guadalupe mug, 1 lb. can of Mexican hot cocoa, and an Our Lady of Guadalupe prayer card has been provided by Feast Day. Give yourself the gift of Christmas this year. Too often the empty promises of shopping malls, traffic, and gift wrapping overwhelm and distract us from the true meaning of Christmas. No one should make an overcrowded schedule your priority during Advent and Christmas. Feast Day knows how you feel and they have been helping hundreds of Catholics refocus on the feasts and seasons of the Church. All you have to do is place an order to celebrate the feasts, gather your family around the table, and celebrate with delicious food and unique devotions. Feast Day will help you celebrate Advent, the feast of St. Nicholas, the feast of Our Lady of GuadalupeChristmas, or the feast days through the whole year. Feast Day will help you and your family connect to the true meaning of Christmas this year. 

Monk Sauce Habanero Hot Sauce 3-Pack Cedar House

Monk Sauce comes in at about 250000 heat units on the Scoville scale, a system of measurement used to compare the spiciness of chile peppers. The monks blend peppers with their classic recipe of onions, garlic, vinegar and salt. And naturally, they throw in a few prayers for good measure while they work. What they end up with is a massively hot delicious sauce: the smell alone is enough to get your mouth watering! The variety pack includes these delicious sauces:Red Habanero, Green Habanero, and Smoked Habanero.

Guadalupe Roastery | Nicaraguan Blend

What sets Guadalupe Roastery apart from the myriad of coffee products that are available today? Their farmer family, the Common Good, sustainability, and promotion of beauty. Through these four pillars, Guadalupe Roastery provides a high-quality coffee that upholds the dignity of those who produce it. Guadalupe Roastery desires to see community form around the coffee and work with the families that bring this coffee to our table. They see it as their calling from God to promote the common good with something as simple as a cup of coffee, and invite you to join them on this journey as we all strive to be exactly who God has called us to be. This is a cup of coffee that is satisfying all the way around making it a perfect gift this Christmas! Order now from Cedar House.

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