“Another baby? What were you thinking!” Don’t miss this kid’s reaction to a new sibling!

by Family, Funny

Isaw this video and couldn’t help but wonder if most people don’t ask the same question that Andre did.  “What were you thinking?!”

Just ask Jim Gaffigan about the struggles of adding more and more (and more!) children into a family. We tend to put limits on the possibilities of love because of our own fears.

For little Andre it almost seems like his mom is breaking with the principal of non-contradiction; it’s just something you don’t do.


“What were you thinking?, he says, Why you have to um..just get another baby? This is exasperating…because you just have two, so why do you want to get another baby and replace one of your babies if there’s too much!” He then goes on to claim, “This doesn’t make any sense! This makes no sense! Because if it makes sense than you would just have two babies and keep loving them forever, not having another baby between us!”


The video might be useful as a captatio, a way of getting people’s attention, introducing a talk or when discussing family life, childbirth, Pro-Life attitudes in general. You might even use it to begin a reflection about how we tend to react when God takes us outside of our comfort zones. We are willing only to go so far, yet God always asks a bit more (and never fails to provide the graces we need).

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