Today we present the music video Born is the King from the well-known Australian group  Hillsong United. The song is part of the “Born is the King” album and captures the the spirit of Advent.

Apostolic Elements:

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The video features a group of children that are searching for a precious treasure. With their cool maps and binoculars, they remind us how important it is that we search for God with a childlike heart, awe and enthusiasm . Advent isn’t a time of passive waiting, rather we must go out and encounter the child Jesus who has come to us! Thus, just as the children take out and use a variety of tools, so too must we offer our gifts and talents in order to discover the gift of Christ Jesus and help others to do the same.

The video is a beautiful symbol of the spirit of hope that characterizes this liturgical season. Their journey is a joyful one, it’s an adventure full of expectation and enthusiasm. They also remind us of the humility and innocence that the Lord Jesus asks of us so that we can recognize Him, a small baby placed in a simple manger, as our Lord and Savior.

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In the end, the children discover an enormous gift that is full of wonders and joy. It is quickly opened and the party begins. Personally, I would have liked to have found an explicit reference to the Nativity; still, the symbolic force of the video is clear enough.

Finally, the song’s lyrics are quiet simple. It’s a call to rejoice, to lift up our voices and praise: it’s Christmas, our King and Savior has been born! The entire lyrics can be found here.  Together let us seek our Greatest Treasure and offer Him our praise this Advent season.