Why Is St. Pope Paul VI Called “The Pilgrim Pope”?

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As we celebrate and rejoice over the canonization of Pope Paul VI,  we would like to share a few videos as well as a section of an interview from Catholic News Agency with Cardinal Roger Etchegaray who knew St. Pope Paul VI very well.
“The name Paul was chosen after the Apostle Paul, the missionary apostle. I have a very precise memory of this Pope who seemed to be shy, to be discreet, and who had at the same time this missionary zeal. If I had to summarize Paul VI with two adjectives, I would say that he was a mystic and prophetic” Cardinal Etchegaray underscored.
“Human society is sorely ill. The cause is not so much the depletion of natural resources, nor their monopolistic control by a privileged few; it is rather the weakening of brotherly ties between individuals and nations.” – St. Pope Paul VI

St. Pope Paul VI – The Pilgrim Pope

“Paul VI had the courage and the spiritual strength to carry forward the Second Vatican Council.”
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More Resources On St. Pope Paul VI

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His Election:

An interesting report on the impression of Synod members on the Beatification of Paul VI

What was Pope St. Paul VI’s path to Sainthood? – Canonization 2018



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