At the beginning of 2017, a Dave Rubin, a well-known comedian and host of the “Rubin Report,” reached out to Bishop Barron to invite him to an interview.

If you don’t know who Dave Rubin is, TabletMag considers him to be the the “voice of liberals who were mugged by progressives.” He is – they say – a “39-year-old pro-choice, pro-pot, recently gay-married atheist with a strong allergy to organized religion.”

In other words, as Brandon Vogt puts it, Dave is, in principle, the opposite of Bishop Barron. Still, in seeing that Dave does indeed sincerely try to understand his guest’s point of view, they decided to do the interview. The results have been very interesting! Here are some comments form the YouTube channel, to see more of them check out Brandon’s article.

Brandon comments on the interview saying:

I encourage you to watch both parts of the interview. Bishop Barron did such a marvelous job. He was smart and eloquent, even when Dave pushed the discussion toward hot-button issues.

In fact, I think the interview offers a sort of masterclass in apologetics and evangelization. The answers weren’t perfect, and like any guest, I’m sure Bishop would love to go back and rephrase one or two of them (always the case with any unscripted, wide-ranging, hour-long interview.) But his responses are the best I’ve seen on several prickly issues. They’re sharp, clear, funny, and winsome, and confirm Bishop Barron’s intuitive grasp of expressing the Faith in the right way, with the right words, with the right sensitivities.

Below, I have separated the 1-hr full interview (if you would like the uncut version, scroll to the bottom of the page), into 21 questions to make it a bit more digestible and accessible.

1. What lead you to God?

2. What lead you to the priesthood?

3. How do you feel about the sense of wonder?

4. Do you sense that you know who God is?

5. Did you ever struggle to take the leap of faith?

6. Are secular people combative when speaking with you?

Thoughts on Youtube comments.

7. Have you ever met someone that left the Church and you felt that they did something that was ok or good for them?

Thoughts on a good religious argument.

8. How much of your time do you spend bringing outsiders into the Church?

Thoughts on the New Evangelization.

9. Do you blame Catholic institutions for the growing number of atheists? Has the Church cleaned itself up after the sex scandals?

Thoughts on the sex abuse scandal and a hyper-moralizing approach (especially about sex).

10. How important are Judeo-Christian values in our American society? What are some of those values?

Thoughts on human dignity, and the difference between moral law and and laws that should be enforce in society.

11. What do you do when your religious belief and secular society don’t match up?

12. What do you say about abortion in the case of rape?

13. Is there an instance where science could change the Church’s teaching on abortion?

14. Do you think these controversial issues can be a net loss (people leaving) for the Church?

Thoughts on how the Church can’t follow the polls. Then Church is extreme in its demands and extreme in its mercy.

15. Why does a confessor not have legal requirements to reveal the secret of confession?

16. I am gay “married,” what it your opinion on gay “marriage?”

Here I am going to admit a difference on opinion with Bishop Barron. I couldn’t agree more that the message we transmit as Christians must be, above all, the personal encounter with Christ. Without that encounter, certain demands and conceptions of Christianity are difficult to fully comprehend and accept.

Bishop Barron is clear in saying that the legal approval of same-sex marriage is harmful for society, but he is not insistent that the Church should strive to reverse that ruling. While I do not personally feel called to engage this subject in the legal sphere, I think that we need to be explicitly supportive of those Christians who do.

Put simply, I would go a bit further than Bishop Barron and say something like this: I don’t think it’s a good law, I think it causes harm to society, and I think that that it should be reversed. Whether this is a real possibility in the short term, probably not, but that doesn’t mean we should simply concede the argument in the public sphere.

17. I have watched porn. What is your basic take on pornography?

Thoughts on masturbation and pornography.

18. How much room should there be for the Church/Temple/Mosque to influence policy?

Thoughts on Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

19. Why can media mock Christianity so much and not other religions?

Thoughts on Christian tolerance.

20. How much does humor play a role?

Thoughts on the style of humor of the biblical prophets.

21. What is the “Homerization-effect” and what kind of impacts has it had on society?

Thoughts on the demonization of men.

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