Bible-Link is an initiative of Catholic CAST Media that will create disciples of all nations through encounter and community. Bible-Link will form small online groups to study the Bible and share in God’s Word together. We will connect Catholics from around the world to create a community that grows in faith and supports each other in holiness! 


How Will Bible-Link Work?

Bible-Link Bible Link

We need your help before we can officially launch Bible-Link! Would you like to be part of the pilot program? 10 women and 10 men will be selected to join us for our first Bible study.

Who Is Bible-Link For?

  • Those who are craving authentic Catholic community
  • Individuals looking to go deeper in the word of God
  • Young Adults lacking fellowship within their own parishes
  • Friends and Family members separated by distance who desire to study God’s word together
  • Busy Parents who need the convenience of connecting virtually
  • Working Professionals with untraditional schedules in need of a variety of time options
  • Small parishes that lack the resources or staff to facilitate small group Bible studies
  • College Students studying abroad or at a school without a Catholic community
Bible Link Bible-Link

How Can You Get Involved With Bible-Link?

In order to make Bible-Link widely available, we need your help launching this initiative and getting the word out. We’re looking for people who want to not only support this initiative financially but also want to be part of the launch!

Will You Help Us?

Bible-Link pilot study

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