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Sean Chapman currently resides in Upstate South Carolina with his wife, Heidi. During the day, he teaches students the complexities of the faith to high schoolers, but in the evening and on weekends, he pursues his various interests such as music, avid sport fandom, and of course writing in its many forms. Check out his Catholic blog Man in the Woods:


17 Things Men Would Like Women to Know

Recently I received a recommendation from a reader who said he appreciated my post about chivalry, but frankly was kind…

saintly intercession

The Best Scriptural Evidence For Saintly Intercession That You Probably Don’t Know About

On a purely practical level, the intercession of the saints makes perfect sense to me. Yes, God is everything to…

Catholic Faith

Why are Catholics So “Exclusive” About Holy Communion?! 13 Ways to Approach This Sensitive Subject

Recently I attended a Baccalaureate Mass, and I couldn’t help but feel the generally awkward vibe that tends to arise…

Faith & Life

13 Things Every Young Boy Should Be Taught

When people think of “good manners” they tend to envision a butler named Jeeves, and a family like those on…

college advice
Faith & Life

A Teacher Shares 11 Tips College Students Need to Know

The university system today has, in many respects, lost its head. Consequently, the goal of this post is to explain…

Catholic Faith

Millennials and Microaggressions: Why the Sacrament of Confession is More Necessary Than Ever

In adolescence we often believe (at least subconsciously) that all the good that has come to us is there on…


7 Secular Musicians Who Accidentally Stumbled on the Sacraments

As a teacher, one of the primary things I try to instill in my students is the notion that whether…

Morals & Values

The Difference Between A Good Conscience and A Bad One

I was an English major in college. Unfortunately, I never learned to type my papers until I was faced with…

Faith & Life

How These Popular Commercials Are Teaching You About Morality

One of the most challenging things to communicate to young people about the moral life is the manner in which…

Holy Mary

5 Secular Songs Which Provide Key Insights into the Meaning of the “Stabat Mater”

I wouldn’t be the first blogger to point out that a song like “Let it Be” has certain Marian overtones,…

Music and Art

10 Ways Prince Fans Taught Me About The Veneration of Saints

In a society who doesn’t bat an eyelash when it comes to inaugurating “halls of fame” for the heroes of…

modern education
Faith & Life

What’s Missing from Modern Education… In Two Commercials

Man is by his nature both a creator and a redeemer (simply consider the nature of the majority of the…