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Ben is currently studying Philosophy and Anthropology at The University of Exeter. After spending a year with Saint Patrick's Evangelisation School (SPES) in London, he is now committed to making Christ known to others, and sharing the beauty and the joy of the Catholic faith with them, whilst always journeying deeper into his own faith.

4 Things To Know And Share About Science And The Catholic Church

4 Things to Know and Share About Science and the Catholic Church

“I’m more of a science kind of person” – maybe you’ve heard this one before. The scenario runs something like…

how to read the bible catholic
Faith & Life

5 Simple Things You Can Start Doing Now to Improve Your Bible Reading

I enjoy reading good books. When I buy a book that someone has recommended to me, I can’t wait for it to…

John Paul II's Letter To Artists
Faith & Life

8 Things St. John Paul II Wanted All Artists to Know

One of my favorite texts of all time is Pope St. John Paul II’s Letter to Artists. What I read…

Dear Future Wife: A Young Man Shares A Beautiful Love Letter to the Wife He Does Not Yet Know

Dear Future Wife, It’s funny to write this letter, and yet not know if you will ever read it… Because…

Desire for Infinity

Building the Church: One Man’s Incredible Story Teaches Us What We All Must Do

I was once walking around the outside of an incredibly beautiful cathedral; I walked around it twice just gazing in…

Desire for Infinity

What Does Classical Music Have To Do With God? (Hint: More Than You Might Think!)

What is the essence of music? As a philosopher, music fascinates me. As a Catholic, music does something much more…

grief Catholic how to deal holidays

Coping With the Sting of Death During a Season of Joy

The death of a loved one leaves an indelible mark upon your heart, and forevermore there is something that you…

Is It A Sin To Be Bored At Mass?
Catholic Faith

Is It A Sin To Be Bored At Mass?

This short video from Mark Hart, “Bored at Mass?”, will most likely speak to each and every one of us…

The Our Father 6 Reasons Why Praying the "Our Father" Is Offensive and Rude

6 Reasons Why Praying the “Our Father” Is Offensive and Rude

WARNING: This post contains a video deemed offensive and as such, “carries the risk of upsetting, or offending, audiences”. The…

Faith & Life

Moving Beyond Beer, Beards, and Sports: Why You Need To Add Prayer Time To Your Man Time

As men living in the world today, we can feel isolated in our faith. We look around in search of…

Faith & Life

7 Ways to Fit In Prayer While Traveling

Traveling is a beautiful way to encounter other people and other cultures, and to be inspired by what you find…

The Assessment
Faith & Life

The Beauty Of Life And Death Is So Much More Than “Live. Love. Laugh.”

“Live. Love. Laugh.” It’s a slogan that’s typically found on at least one wall in every home. And why not!…