Pope Benedict XVI once said, “Dear Artists, you are the custodians of beauty!” and it’s hard not to think of this when you listen to Alanna Boudreau. This gifted singer and songwriter epitomizes the very essence of this quote with her heartfelt songs and lyrics. They are songs full of solace, healing and redemption.

Though Alanna is a Catholic, she does not categorise her music as such, “not because it doesn’t deal with the faith, but because of the inclination of some to automatically be turned off by such a label or assume that it will sound a certain way without listening to it.” Like life, faith infuses her songs in a very natural way, making listening to them an experience full of discovery.

Here we’ve chosen our favorite of Alanna’s tracks in one easy playlist. We hope you enjoy her songs as much as we do!

We Just Found Your New Favorite Catholic Singer!

Controlled Burn

“All my life, my life, my life it stretches behind me, and I see all the missteps and the poorly-timed kisses and I ache, I ache, I ache when I see all the nothing that could have been something that something, that should have been you.”

Simon (Petros)

“Out of darkness comes a steady light…if I could give you just one tiny thing, it would be my own life.”

Satie Song

I think it had to do with moments in April and afternoons in June…”

I’m Sorry

“If I have injured your heart in someway, please know I’m sorry.”


“He speaks her name and it brings her to life”

Interview with Alanna Boudreau

“Now and then the veil is lifted and have this glimpse of something really beautiful and great that is yet to come.”
Finally, check out this amazing interview with Alanna Boudreau!

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