A Must-See Video For Husbands Whose Wives Find Mother’s Day Difficult

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Though I’m blessed with five amazing children here with me on earth, I also have four beautiful children in heaven. The sting of our miscarriages is still present in my heart. So, I was hesitant to watch this video when I saw the title, but I’m so glad that I challenged myself to do so.

The pain of loss -whether it is the loss of your dream to have children, the loss of a child, or the loss of your own mother – can make Mother’s Day incredibly difficult to celebrate.

This captivating video from Strong Catholic Dad and Blackstone Films is a powerful visual of the invisible heartbreak that many women feel on Mother’s Day. When you go to Mass this weekend pray for those who may be silently struggling.

Mother’s Day Story About Miscarriage

“We shall find our little ones again up above.” – St. Zelie Martin

Advice for Husbands Whose Wives Suffer On Mother’s Day

  1. Pray for your wife.
  2. Recognize that this is a difficult day for your wife and find ways to bring joy.
  3. Pray with your wife.
  4. Give her the extra grace (and space) she may need to get through the celebrations of Mother’s Day that will be happening all around her.
  5. Pray for your wife.
  6. Acknowledge and celebrate the ways in which she is a mother. If you’ve experienced a miscarriage or pregnancy loss, a thoughtful card, as the video showed, is a nice gesture. Often, women are spiritual mothers to so many. Remember the ways in which your wife has shown the love of a mother to those around her.
  7. Pray with your wife.

“For an understanding of our unique feminine nature, let us look to the pure love and spiritual maternity of Mary. This spiritual maternity is the core of a woman’s soul. Wherever a woman functions authentically in this spirit of maternal pure love, Mary collaborates with her. This holds true whether the woman is married or single, professional or domestic or both, a Religious in the world or in the convent. Through this love, a woman is God’s special weapon in His fight against evil. Her intrinsic value is that she is able to do so because she has a special susceptibility for the works of God in souls — her own and others. She relates to others in His spirit of love.” – St. Edith Stein


“The vocation to be a spiritual mother for priests is largely unknown, scarcely understood and, consequently, rarely lived, notwithstanding its fundamental importance. It is a vocation that is frequently hidden, invisible to the naked eye, but meant to transmit spiritual life. Pope John Paul II, was so convinced of its importance that he established a cloistered convent in the Vatican where nuns would pray for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff.” – Congregation for the Clergy


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