A 9-Year-Old Watched A Video About Forgiving ISIS, What She Did Next Will Blow You Away

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Caroline. Today’s post is thanks to a fourth grade student named Caroline Peplinski. A while back, we decided to share a video of a young girl named Miriam who publicly forgave those who were persecuting her and her family. A 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Tranel, saw the video on the website and decided to share it with her class. After seeing the video in her class, one of her students, Caroline, got inspired and decided to spend her Easter vacation composing a story in poem form. As you read it, you might think it too advanced for a fourth grader, but it seems we have discovered a young girl who not only has a large heart, but is an exceptional writer and thinker as well. She has titled the work  “The Sad Song”.

Caroline’s teacher, Mrs. Tranel, shared:

She came after Easter and set it on my desk saying, “Read it if you want.” I kind of forgot it and then one day discovered it under a pile on my desk. Parts of it took my breath away. I knew I needed to do something with it. Caroline hand-wrote it in a spiral notebook and all I did was type it up paged as she had written.

As you’ll see, the poem is beautifully simple and evocative (the images have been added by Catholic-link simply to enrich the reading experience). I would like to be the first to thank Caroline for using her talents in such a way. At her request, we ask that anyone interested in sharing or reposting her work ask permission beforehand. To do so, please contact us here at Catholic-Link.

“The Sad Song” by Caroline Peplinski

(Dedicated to the people who stand up to terrorist groups around the world… I thank you Prologue – Year of 2015)


Caroline original text

At nine years old, I became aware of a serious situation happening across the Atlantic Ocean from my country. In Iraq, pronounced EYE-rah-ck, a terrorist group called ISIS persecuted innocent people. The reason, they say their god told them to kill people who do not follow their religion. I am the same religion as many of the residents of Iraq, forced to flee their home. I was inspired most from the story of Miriam. As a refugee she traveled to a camp to escape the horrors ISIS lay before her. Reflected off Miriam’s story, this tale of an imaginary girl named Tilly Kana will hopefully help you become aware about how to help those captured by the treacherous things this world sometimes has to offer.

Section 1: a flickering start

People to know:
– Tilly Kana
– sister; Joy Kana
– sister; Lila Kana
– sister; MayBel Kana
– brother; Kale Kana
– orphan girl; Lyra Cicily
– orphan boy; Leco Ponsietta

Dirt trails #1

Merlijn Hoek

© Merlijn Hoek/ Flickr

The old dirt trail leading to the depressed old man. The old dirt trail guiding to the laundry widow. The old dirt trail sending you to the stuttering gardener. The old dirt trail you run on to fetch the doctor. The old dirt trail going to the mayor’s house. The new dirt trail made by the murderers.

Dusty church

In church, a few people sneeze and many pass out. The heat and the dust are too much to bear. Half the attendees dismiss themselves without the dismissing words of the priest. Mama and Joy, Lila, May Bel, Kale leave with Donut Tensce and his wife, the pastor’s neighbors. I refuse to leave the dusty church, the holy gathering, the heavenly assembly, for the dangerous streets, or even, the comfort of home.

I hate ISIS

Beonzey Mayfield and Tezra Yalang come to school tired-looking. They stayed up all last night chanting the words; “I hate ISIS!” “I hate ISIS!” And I know because I heard them. They’re lucky to be alive, Mama says, don’t you ever do that, she warns.

In our town

In our town lives a man in the ISIS group. He lives on my walk to school, and Mama won’t let me out of the house for fear of me going to heaven earlier than she does.


© Pixabay.com


A boy at our school named James died last Sunday, killed by the man in the ISIS group. My friend Lorna cried and cried because this was her crush. Why did the nicest, smartest boy in school have to die for defending his religion?


I know that James and Carol Burrnes, who died this morning are martyrs. If they become Saints I will be at their celebration.

Omar Chatriwala

© Omar Chatriwala/ Flickr

The orphanage

Lila’s class and mine visited the orphanage yesterday. The children were lined up as if on display. They had dirty faces and their clothes were torn. Ms. Hart says that we will support the orphans. We stayed for two hours, and I met two orphans, named Lyra and Poinsettia. Or maybe it was Cicily and Leco.

Dirt trails #2

On three different dirt trails I saw the same woman and baby. The baby had white hair and red eyes. MayBel says the baby is albino, but Lila calls her creepy. Now we found out they are ISIS people. Now we call them enemies.

A hobby #1

A new hobby Lila located is embroidery. I think this hobby is stupid, but Lila thinks I am stupid. I can’t deny it, I am five. But I suppose I am clever because I know I don’t deny it.

Older than you think

You are so dumb, Tilly, says Lila. You aren’t five. You’re six. Oops, I answered her. Then I think I am older than I think! Hurray!

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