7 Free Resources To Help Kids Understand The Gospel

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Ever go to Mass and walk away totally confused? It happens sometimes. There are Sundays when we just don’t understand the point the readings are trying to illustrate or when the priest gives a homily that is difficult to follow. If this is a struggle for us as adults, imagine what it is like for children!

It is so important and so meaningful to take some time to talk about the Word of God in your home. If you’re able to discuss the readings before Sunday Mass it will make things that much easier. If you can’t squeeze in time until after Mass, that can work too. The important thing is that you try to do discuss and learn as a family.

Here are a few resources that will help you.

7 Free Resources To Help Kids Understand The Sunday Gospel

Catholic Kids Homilies

Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Holy Heroes Sunday Mass Prep

The Kids’ Bulletin

Teaching Catholic Kids

Loyola Press Sunday Connection

Catholic Diocese of Auckland

More Resources For Catholic Kids

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