5 Catholic Songs That Bring Comfort During Times Of Trial

by Music | A Selection Of Our Favorite Catholic And Christian Songs and Artists

During difficult times, music is a source of peace and healing. Take a few minutes to listen to this playlist and let these talented Catholic musicians lead you in prayer.

5 Catholic Songs That Bring Comfort During Times Of Trial

Little Litany | Brother Isaiah

You Are Good | Dana Catherine

Love Will Heal | PJ Anderson

Learning to Trust | Taylor Tripodi

Gift Given | Fr. Rob Galea

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“No act of kindness is meaningless before God.”

These two videos, produced by Life Vest Inside are “dedicated to spreading kindness and goodwill and are based upon the philosophy that kindness keeps the world afloat.” A Deeper Look: Today I would like to just leave you with a brief thought. It’s hard today to turn on any media device without hearing about the […]


Saint John Paul II Singing Dynamite: “Perhaps I Love You More”

When I saw this video, I couldn’t help but smile. It is an extremely creative and fun “remix” of a few words of our beloved Saint John Paul II. They are words full of vitality and truth that point us to Jesus Christ. Still, it is the joy, the conviction, and the love with which […]

Andrei Rublev The Explanation of this Famous Icon Will Give You a Deeper Understanding of the Trinity

The Explanation Of This Famous Icon Will Give You A Deeper Understanding Of The Trinity

A highly creative piece, Andrei Rublev’s Troitsa (Russian for Triune or Trinity) hails from the summit of a more-than-thousand-year-old iconographic tradition. As you might have surmised, it is a Trinitarian interpretation of Gen 18:1-16, the episode in which “three men” visit Abraham and Sarah and promise them a son. While no Christian would ever formally […]

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Christmas Mall Flash Mob - So Beautiful! Singing in the Mall

Christmas Mall Flash Mob – So Beautiful!

The people in this food court are quietly enjoying their lunch when it is rudely interrupted by a shout of “Alleluia!” In the faces of the people, we see suspicion. But gradually they change, hostility vanishes, parents reassure their children, and instead, we see curiosity, wonder, and even peace and happiness. Maybe a few are […]

Lady Gaga Catholic-Link

Why Did Lady Gaga Reply To Catholic-Link On Instagram? Our Response

A few hours ago, Lady Gaga published a moving response on her Instagram account to an article that we recently published. The article was entitled: “From Lady Gaga to Steph Curry: 5 Things To Remember When Celebrities Share Their Faith.” We published it because Lady Gaga shared a photo of a priest where she speaks […]

Check out Grammy Award winner Ed Sheeran's song "Small Bump" with a pro-life message! So inspiring and worth listening too.

“Small Bump” Ed Sheeran’s Pro-Life Song

Last night at the Grammy’s, Ed Sheeran took home one of the biggest awards, Song of the Year, with his hit song “Thinking Out Loud.” Ed Sheeran first became popular in the United States after making a guest appearance with Taylor Swift in 2012, but the singer songwriter enjoyed popularity in England long before then. […]

What Does Classical Music Have To Do With God?

What Does Classical Music Have To Do With God?

What is the essence of music? As a philosopher, music fascinates me. As a Catholic, music does something much more – it brings me before the face of God. Josef Pieper, one of the great philosophical thinkers of the twentieth century, once gave an address during intermission at a Bach concert about the essence of […]

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is lady gaga catholic 5 Things To Remember When Celebrities Share Their Faith

From Lady Gaga To Steph Curry: 5 Things To Remember When Celebrities Share Their Faith

It seems that it has become somewhat of a trend for celebrities to share their faith.  In general, this is good news and is worth sharing (evidently without falling into some kind of celebrity idolization!). Still, it can also serve as an occasion to reflect on our own faith as well as how we minister […]

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“You won’t find faith and hope in a telescope.”

Catholic-link.com – “You won’t find faith or hope down a telescope. You won’t find heart and soul in the stars. You can break everything, down to chemicals, but you can’t explain a love like ours.” We all need to “find some meaning in the things that we believe.” This search for meaning, for something that […]

Ave Maria

Bono and Pavarotti Join Together to Sing the “Ave Maria”

There’s something special when grown men (and mega celebrities) come together to sing to and about their mother. Check out this video from a night when Bono and Luciano Pavarotti shared the stage in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. Rock and Opera never made such a beautiful witness!   Check out […]

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