Best of Advent: The Internet’s 3 Best Reflections On Advent (Week 3)

by Advent and Christmas

Where has the time gone? We are already ending Week 3 of Advent.  Hopefully you have taken the time to pray, reflect, and prepare for the Birth of Christ. If you are a Catholic active on social media, you have probably noticed that many of your favorite Catholic websites are offering daily Advent reflections.

How do you decide what to read or watch when there are so many wonderful options? Catholic Link to the rescue.  Each Friday of Advent we will feature our three favorite Advent reflections from the week. We hope to give you a sample of all of the best Advent material available.

Reflections for the Third Week of Advent:

1.) “Gaining Strength from the Manager” from Focus Radvent with Sister Maris Stella, S.V.

This is not only my favorite reflection for the 3rd week of Advent, but my favorite for the entire season of Advent.  I had not heard Sr. Maris Stella speak prior to this video and I love her gentle and passionate demeanor.  This video is less than 3 minutes of your time, but is packed with wisdom.  “So, like the shepherd, we discover that our emptiness, our poverty. is itself the invitation for His Mercy and an opportunity for Him to come to us and be born in us anew.”

2. “Counsel the Doubtful” from Best Advent Ever (Dynamic Catholic) with Jennifer Fulwiler


Jennifer Fulwiler, former atheist, presents some helpful information about instructing the doubtful. She speaks of simply being present to those who are experiencing doubt.  I found her talk helpful as we approach a season in which we will be gathering with many friends and family members that may be in a period of doubt in their own lives. This reflection will provide the inspiration you need to continue to pray for healing for those in doubt and ask for God’s mercy.  You can find the video here.

3. “Praying With the Scriptures During the Last Days of Advent” from Ascension Press with Fr. Peter Mitchell

pablo-3In this reflection Fr. Mitchell gives a brief outline and introduction to the scriptures we will be praying during this last week of Advent.  Reciting The “O Antiphons” of Advent make for a beautiful prayer time as we prepare our hearts for Jesus on Christmas.  You can find a link for this scripture reference here.

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